Elden Ring Jar-Bairn Questline Guide

In Elden Ring, Jar-Bairn is a new NPC that was added in patch 1.03 and is located at Jarburg. Its questline also links with the Alexander, The Iron Fist questline. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about starting and completing the Jar-Bairn questline in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Jar-Bairn Questline

To complete the Jar-Bairn questline in Elden Ring, you have to go through several different steps, all of which are given below.

Go to Jarburg

Elden Ring Jarb Bairn Location

First of all, you will need to go all the way to Jarburg which can be found close to the Carian Study Hall in the southeast direction.

You have to use the ledges on the side of the mountain to get down. Here you have to talk to Jar-Bairn who is sitting in front of a small house made of rocks.

Talk to him and select “I’ll be your Potentate” option. Jar-Bairn asks you to show your hand and after that told you that you can’t be potentate.


Now you have to reload the area and again visit him and this time also he will tell you that you still can’t get potentate but give you a hint that flowers might help you. Collect different flowers from the Jarburg Village and reload the area again. This time he will ask you to start the Alexander questline.

Start the Alexander Questline

Start the Alexander questline and after that, you can visit Jar-Bairn again after moving a little forward in the questline. In this meeting with Jar-Bairn, you must talk to him about the Poachers.

Again, reload the area and talk to him again. This time he will tell you about a new Potentate, Diallos.

Talk to Diallos

Now, from the Jar-Bairn location, move forward on the path on the right side and enter the last structure you see on the right side. Inside you will find Diallos. Talk to him till his dialogues are finished.

After that again, reload the area and talk to Jar-Bairn. This time, after fast traveling to him a few times and resting at the Site of Grace you will find him in the path that leads you to Diallos.

After talking to him again move forward and talk to Diallos for the second time. He will be taking his last breaths in the middle of the path. Select the option of you defended them. He will die after talking to you.

You have to reload the area again and this time you will find Jar-Barin right next to Diallos. Talk to him once his dialogues are finished, you can complete an optional step.

Reload the Area and Pick Diallos Belongings

You can reload that area again and go to the location where Diallos died to pick up his belongings from there.

After that, you have to complete the Alexander questline and once it is finished you can get back to Jar-Bairn.

Back to Jar-Bairn after Finishing Alexander Questline

Once you have finished the Alexander question you have to visit Jar-Bairn again at the location you first met him and give him Alexander’s Innards.

Take the Companion Jar Talisman

Once at the end of his dialogue, you have to reload the area and go to the location of Jar-Bairn. This time you will find a Companion Jar talisman there that you can collect. This will complete the Jar-Bairn questline in Elden Ring.

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