How To Get Envoy’s Long Horn In Elden Ring

Envoy's Long Horn is a weapon of ultimate destruction in Elden Ring which can destroy an entire giant in a couple of hits.

Envoy’s Long Horn is a weapon of ultimate destruction in Elden Ring which can destroy an entire giant in a couple of hits. It is a Great Hammer that you can get as a random drop from Large Oracle Envoys. This Great Hammer is perfect for the Strength, or Faith Builds as it scales with these stats in Elden Ring.

Envoy’s Long Horn location in Elden Ring

You can find the Envoy’s Long Horn near the East Capital Rampart, Site of Grace in Leyndel, Royal Capital. Large Oracle Envoys wield this Great Hammer, which you can get after defeating them along with Envoy’s Horn. But, it is not a guarantee that it will spawn every time. Some other loot may be granted for taking down the Oracle Envoy.

To find this Oracle, fast travel to the East Capital Rampart in Lyndel, Royal Capital. This site of Grace is inside the castle. Once you spawn, take the corridor on your right, which leads outside. Upon reaching the end of the path, take a left. You will start encountering smaller Oracles in Elden Ring.

They wield a slightly less powerful version of Envoy’s long Horn which can also be picked up by defeating them. Continue down the stairs and go straight. You will reach a raised platform where this Large Oracle Envoy can be found.

The Oracles can be annoying as they either roll away from you or towards you, which means you’re on your feet the whole time. Unleash a powerful attack that will make them stay where they are, or if they manage to get away, use a ranged attack and close in as soon as you can.

What does the Envoy’s Long Horn do in Elden Ring

The Envoy’s Long Horn has a unique skill called the Bubble Shower. This skill allows you to blow bubbles out of the weapon (quite literally), which are imbued with lightning. These bubbles are notoriously dangerous, as even Giants cannot withstand their full force.

The Bubble Shower has been found most effective against larger-sized enemies. Due to its long winding time, the small enemies can get close and land quite a few good hits. The range of the attack is also an issue.

It is near impossible to know where your bubbles will go, as all of the battles we’ve endured with this skill have variability within the range. Moreover, you cannot infuse Envoy’s Long Horn with Ashes of War.

The base stats for this weapon are as follows;

  • 120 Physical Damage
  • 78 Holy Damage
  • 77 Crit Attack Boost
  • 58 Physical Damage Negation
  • 31 Magic Damage Negation
  • 31 Fire Damage Negation
  • 31 Lightning Damage Negation
  • 42 Holy Damage Negation
  • 19 Guard Boost

You can upgrade this hammer in Elden Ring using the Somber Smithing Stones, but the damage negation will remain the same. The stats for the Max Level are as follows:

  • 294 Physical Damage
  • 191 Holy Damage
  • 154 Crit Attack Boost
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