How To Get Duelist Greataxe In Elden Ring

Duelist Greataxe in Elden Ring can be farmed from enemies inside Leyndell. Read more to find the exact location of this colossal weapon.

Elden Ring is full of enemies scattered on every part of the map. To slay these enemies, players do need some powerful weapons as well like Duelist Greataxe which belongs to the colossal weapons category in Elden Ring.

The only way to obtain Duelist Greataxe is to farm a particular enemy in Elden Ring. You can’t obtain it from a treasure chest or as a reward for completing some objective. If you are also looking for the same weapon, then without further ado let’s dive in to know the exact location where it can be found in the game.

Duelist Greataxe location in Elden Ring

Obtaining Duelist Greataxe in Elden Ring is not a difficult task. The first step is to travel to the West Capital Rampart site of grace in Altus Plateau region of The Lands Between. Once you reach Leyndell the Royal Capital and enter it, turn right to exit the building again.

Follow the pathway and you will find a staircase right ahead on the same path. Climb the stairs to find Frenzied Duelist patrolling on an inclined path. Slay this enemy to get the Duelist Greataxe from him. These enemies are bound to the events in Farum Azula, and completing it makes them disappear permanently.

Duelist Greataxe has a drop rate of 4% in Elden Ring. You can increase the chances of is drop by either using Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot or investing in Arcane stat to raise your discovery level. Duelist Greataxe is a late-game weapon that can be farmed easily by reassigning your skills to improve discovery.

Duelist Greataxe requirements, stats and builds

To wield Duelist Greataxe in Elden Ring, you need at least 30 points in Strength stat and points in Dexterity stat. It has good scaling with Strength (E scaling) and Dexterity (D scaling). Duelist Greataxe weighs 20 making it one of the heaviest weapons in Elden Ring.


The unique weapon skill for the Duelist Greataxe is Endure which can be replaced (9 FP). This skill increases poise, and you can absorb a lot of incoming damage. As Duelist Greataxe is not a unique weapon, a lot of relative Ashes of War can be applied to it. You can also apply consumables and sorceries to Duelist Greataxe.

Duelist Greataxe is upgraded with the help of Smithing Stones. These stones allow you to upgrade this weapon up to +25, increasing its maximum damage to 416 on standard path.

Path (+25)Primary DamageAlternate Damage

The sale price for Duelist Greataxe in Elden Ring is 200 runes. It can be used to create Strength-based builds for both PVP and PVE.

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