Elden Ring Confessor Build Guide

Use melee and magic together to create strong players with increased Faith, Strength, and Dexterity stats through Elden Ring Confessor...

Use melee and magic together to create strong players with increased Faith, Strength, and Dexterity stats through Elden Ring Confessor Builds.

Our confessor build guide will walk you through how to create the best builds for the confessor class in Elden Ring and the different playstyles those classes are good for.

The Confessor class is a well-balanced class is Elden Ring that has good attribute distribution. The more focus in this class is on faith that allows you to use different weapons.

Even the starting gear of this class is good, and you wouldn’t need any upgrades till you are halfway through the game.

Best Starting Equipment and Incantation for Confessor Build

Assassin’s ApproachPurchase it from Brother Corhyn after handing Assassin’s Prayerbook to him
Blue Chest Heater ShieldBuy it from Nomadic Merchant outside Bellum Church in Liurnia
BroadswordGet it from Nomadic Merchant from Coastal cave in Western Limgrave
Confessor Armor SetGet it from Nomadic Merchant on Mt. Gelmir
Finger SealPurchase this from Twin Maiden Husk in a roundtable hold
Urgent HealPurchase it from Brother Corhyn

Confessor Scythe Build

  • Flask Spread: 1 or 2 FP and Mostly HP
  • Weapons: Sacred Scythe, Winged Scythe, Godslayer’s Seal, and Brass Shield
  • Armor: Any Light Armor available to you
  • Stats: Faith, Vigor (Primary) and Mind, Dexterity/Strength (Secondary)
  • Skills: Ash of War: Quickstep & Ash of War: Golden Vow
  • Spells: Flame of the Fell God, Lightning Spear, Frozen Lightning Spear, Urgent Heal, and Black Flame

Confessor Class Melee Build

  • Flask Spread: 1 or 2 FP and Mostly HP
  • Weapons: Broadsword, Brass Shield and any Sacred Seal
  • Armor: Any mid-roll one.
  • Stats: Strength, Faith (Primary) and Dexterity and Endurance (Secondary)
  • Skills: Ash of War: Quickstep & Ash of War: Golden Vow
  • Spells: Urgent Heal, Heal

Best Stats for Confessor Build

For the Confessor class Scythe build, you should allocate most of your levels into Faith. Scythe weapons mostly scale with Faith, so the higher your Faith stat goes, the more damage you’ll do with the Build.

For Confessor Class melee build stats, the focus is on Strength since it’s the thing you will be using most in this Build. Put points in Faith, too but prioritize Strength first so you can pick up better weapons.

Focus on leveling Endurance secondarily as it will increase equipment load and stamina. Other than this, the Brass Shield and Ashes of War will make this a quite good build to have.

Confessor Build Stats Level 10


Confessor Build Stats Level 60


Confessor Build Stats Level 90


Best Weapons for Confessor Build in Elden Ring

As you can see, the Confessor Scythe Build is a great combination of Scythe weapons and Spells that makes an all-rounder Confessor Build. Whether you are fighting the enemies in Melee or Ranged, this Build will help you a lot.

For melee, this Build has some great weapons choices like the Sacred Scythe, Winged Scythe, and Shield that will allow you to be defensive and do counterattacks.

In Confessor class melee build due to the long-range of the broadsword, you’ll be able to keep a healthy distance between yourself and the opponent, which will allow you to stay alive. Though you will be tanking damage during boss fights, that’s just the nature of the Build, so don’t worry about that.

Best Bows for Confessor Build

If you’re looking for a mighty shot or barrage, your ideal choices should be the Composite Bow, Red Branch Shortbow, and Black Bow. These three bows can be enhanced by adjusting the Strength and Dexterity stats.

Best Sheilds for Confessor Build

Staying safe during attacks and fights is important, therefore the following shields prove helpful in enhancing your confessor build:

  • Blue Gold Kite Sheild handles Fire and Holy damage type using Parry as a skill
  • Great Turtle Sheild manages Lightning damage type using Barricade
  • Sheild of the Guilty has a low defense rate but enhances the Shield Bash
  • One-Eyed Sheild has a high defense ratio with Flame Spit skill

Best Sacred Seal for Confessor Class Build

Sacred seals help in casting and boosting the incantation, here are some seals that will help you in building an efficient confessor class

  • Godslayer’s Seal: Increases the Faith rank by +14
  • Dragon Communion Seal: Increases the Faith rank by +7
  • Erdtree Seal: Increases the Faith by +5

Best Armor for Confessor Build

For playing with Confessor Class Scythe build you can go with any light armor available to you. There is no need for any special armor for this build.

But when you are playing with Confessor Class melee build you have to use a medium weight shield, so you can block enemy attacks and perform guard counters.

The two recommended armor set for both builds are the Black Knife Set and Scaled Set.

StatsBlack Knife SetScaled Set

Best Spells for Confessor Build

If you want to play Confessor Class Scythe Build as a ranged build, it performs well in that regard too. The spells used for this Build have both great range and damage.

The Flame of the Fell God and Lightning Spears are some examples of spells used in this build.

They also cover huge areas, which allows the player to take out multiple enemies at once. The Godslayer’s Seal will help you greatly in that as well.

The best way to play this Build is to use both the melee weapons and spells in a synergetic way. Most of the time, you won’t have to rely on the Faith-based weapons with this Build.

For Confessor Class melee build, having some sort of healing ability for yourself is paramount. Spells like Urgent Heal and Heal will help you heal allies and yourself. This will help you and your allies stay alive for a longer time

Best Skills for Confessor Build

The Confessor Class Scythe and Melee Build also helps with crowd control as you won’t get stuck between hordes of enemies. The Ash of War: Quickstep will also further increase your survivability by allowing you to quickly manoeuvre your way out of sticky situations.

The Ash of War: Quickstep plays an essential role in this Build as it acts as a safeguard for you. Whenever you find yourself in a risky place and want out, you can use this Ash of War to quickly escape.

You can also summon Spirit Ashes and then increase the defense and damage by buffing them with the Golden Vow.

Best Talismans for Confessor Build

Enhance your Confessor build with these powerful Talismans:

  1. Two Fingers Heirloom: This early-game Talisman grants a flat +5 bonus to Faith, boosting your incantation damage and healing potential. Find it within a chest in the Purified Ruins, south of Liurnia.
  2. Faithful’s Canvas Talisman: This Talisman increases the potency of all your incantations, unleashing devastating attacks and enhanced healing effects. Locate it on a corpse inside the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
  3. Carian Filigreed Crest: Once you have your weapons equipped, consider the Carian Filigreed Crest. This valuable Talisman reduces the FP consumption of all skills, allowing you to unleash more powerful attacks consistently and conserve your valuable resources.
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