How to Get Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring

In this guide we'll show you how to get the Godslayer's Seal in Elden Ring by highlighting its location.

Godslayer Incantations are these cool looking Black Flame Incantations that you can use in Elden Ring. While any old Sacred Seal can be used to cast these incantations, the Godslayer Seal will boost them significantly. In this guide we’ll show you how to get the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring by highlighting its location.

How to Get Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring

To find Godslayer’s Seal, players need to make their way towards the Stormveil Castle, Northwest of Limgrave. Getting inside Stormveil means you need to first defeat Margit, the Fell Omen.

Once inside, you need to make your way towards the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. This will require you to explore the Castle for a bit, but you’ll reach it eventually if you make your way through the hole in the wall at the castle entrance.

Elden Ring Godslayers Seal Location

Once reached, there is an elevator nearby that you can take to go downwards. If this elevator won’t work, you need to actually go towards the left and make your way downwards by either jumping across the rooftops or taking the route that takes you through Rogier.

You basically need to make your way towards the Castle courtyard where a bunch of archers behind barricades have set up an ambush. If you use the Rampart Tower Elevator, you can go through the left pathway where you fight a Grafted Scion. Moving onto where the Archers are waiting to ambush you, sneak left and down the stairs taht lead to a sort of cellar.

If you went through the Rodgier route, you may be approaching the archers from behind, in which case you’ll need to look for tose stairs going downwards across the courtyard.

Once you’re down there, you’ll come across a swarm of 4-5 rats. Defeat them and move towards the fog wall towards the end. Here you’ll need to use a stonesword key on the imp statue. You can obtain a stonesword key from many places in Elden Ring, but some easy ones to get a from the Twin Maidens at roundtable Hold.

Once you’ve used the Stonesword key and fog has disappeared, you can find Godslayer’s Seal inside the treasure chest placed at the left side. Along with the seal, you can grab Godskin Prayerbook as well in a chest to the right.

How to Use the Godslayer’s Seal

The Godslayer’s Seal is a Sacred Sal that allows you to cast incantations. The benefit of this seal is that it boosts Godslayer Incantations such as Black Flame and Black Flame Blade.

You can obtain Godslayer incantations from the Godslayer Prayer book (location of which we’ve mentioned above). You also need 4 Strength and 27 Faith to use it, which isn’t too hard a requirement if you’re going for a Faith build.

To use it, simply equip the Godslayer Seal in one of your weapon slots and make sure you’ve learned an incantation and equipped it in one of your memory slots at a site of Grace. Then, simply select the spell using the dpad and then attack with the seal.

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