How To Get Clinging Bone In Elden Ring

Clinging Bone is a severe yet funny addition to your build in Elden Ring that lets you pierce through the enemy's defense.

Clinging Bone is a severe yet funny addition to your build in Elden Ring that lets you pierce through the enemy’s defense. It seems like a skeleton was holding your hands, and you ripped their arms right off at the elbow joints, but the hands are still holding on for dear life.

You can use this Fist weapon to damage enemies heavily if no defenses are present. This detailed guide explains how this Clinging Bone works and where you can find it.

Clinging Bone location in Elden Ring

You cannot find this weapon in any chests or lying around somewhere. Instead, you will get it as a drop item for defeating the Ensha of the Royal Remains. It is an enemy which you will encounter at the Roundtable Hold.

The Roundtable Hold is at the southwest corner of the map of Elden Ring. Simply fast travel there and collect your item. You won’t need to look elsewhere, as the Ensha will start attacking you when you spawn. Fight and defeat this enemy to get the Clinging Bone.

What does Clinging Bone do in Elden Ring

This weapon has a unique skill known as Lifesteal Fist. It takes a moment to recharge and then plunges both Fists into the enemy, gaining their health as your own. This can be of great help as it reduces your health potion intake.

Clinging Bone has an insane amount of Physical Damage at 80 and Crit Strike at 47. That isn’t all. It also has Guard Stats with Physical Damage Negation at 31, Magic Damage Negation at 36, Lightning Damage Negation at 17, Fire Damage Negation at 17, and Holy Damage Negation at 17. These are the Base values of this item.

The Clinging Bone in Elden Ring can be Upgraded to +10. For its upgrades, Somber Smithing Stones are needed. After upgrading it to its max level, it deals 196 Physical Damage and has a 94 Crit Strike. The Damage Negations remain the same.

Another important thing to note is that you can’t infuse it with Ashes of War. But can be enchanted with magic or boosted with the help of consumables.

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