Where to Get Cipher Pata in Elden Ring

For players using a faith-based build in Elden Ring, the Cipher Pata can prove to be an excellent weapon of choice. Unlike most other weapons that require players to complete quests to be acquired, the Cipher Pata has no such requirements.

Where to Get Cipher Pata in Elden Ring

Cipher Pata is an early game weapon in Elden Ring and can be acquired without any specific attribute requirements. You will still require at least 30 points of faith to use the weapon in the game.

Go to the Roundtable Hold, which lies beyond the Lands Between and can be accessed through fast travel. Look for an opening there that leads to the balcony. Jump from the balcony but be sure that you can survive the fall damage if taken.

Once after getting on the main floor, take the first hallway at your left and you will be encountered by Mad Tongue Alberich, only if you haven’t faced them before.

If you are good and swift, you can also skip it and keep going. Otherwise, if you like challenges, have a duel and make your quest exciting.

After being done with Mad Tongue Alberich, take the next left and after walking straight some yards, enter the right opening and you will be in a room.

In the top, left corner of the room will be two beds. There’s a corpse on one of those beds. Get near the corpse and loot the Cipher Pata. You can then fast travel out of the room.

Cipher Pata’s Details

One of the main highlights of Cipher Pata is its special skill, Unblockable Blade. This launches a distant attack carrying the holy power that can’t be blocked by any shield in Elden Ring. This skill makes it a very excellent early game weapon.

One other fact that makes this weapon a good choice to carry is that it has no weight. So, the player that has a very thin load margin of weapon load can carry the weapon easily.

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