Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Boss Guide

In this Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Boss guide, we will be giving you some tips on how to defeat Alberich.

Alberich may seem a little timid compared to some of the other bosses, but can still prove to be a difficult fight if you don’t know about enough tricks that you need to apply while fighting with this boss. So, in this Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Boss guide, we will be giving you some tips on how to defeat the Alberich boss.

Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Boss Location

Mad Tongue Alberich can only be found at Roundtable Hold. This place is packed with merchants as well as many wayfarers. The Roundtable Hold contains no physical entrance, so you just simply need to run and jump from the terrace. This will lead you to a room where Alberich will spawn when you are running away, reaching for the door.

Mad Tongue Alberich Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The recommended level to defeat this boss is at least level 50 and more. Although you can freely choose to play this level at the start of the game, it is better to meet the level requirements before triggering this fight. Also, remember to upgrade Vigor because it will help you in your fight.

The only noticeable weakness is that Alberich’s armor level has very low strike damage resistance. This will cause him heavy damage leading to low hp. You can do so by using strike weapons which can stun while performing jumping attacks.

Mad Tongue Alberich Attacks and Counters

Mad Tongue Alberich has numerous attacks with frostbite being the most prominent one. His every attack contains frostbite buildup. The main attacks are listed below:

Glintstone Iceberg: This kind of attack contains ice projectiles that will be fired your way. You should be able to dodge them easily.

Freezing Mist: Alberich will summon a cloud that does Frost damage.  These clouds can vanish in a matter of seconds. Most of the time, two clouds are spawned at a time, so you need to be cautious.

Briars of Sin: Alberich will occasionally create a ring of thorns around himself. This can cause you serious harm. Take note that this attack can be easily predicted because the boss will lift his staff for the second time when he is about to call the thorns.

Can Mad Tongue Alberich’s attacks be parried or not?

Yes, some of the attacks can be parried. For example, when the boss starts with his melee attacks (the one that follows with a swing of his scythe), you’ll get a small window of opportunity to strike back with a couple of blows.

How to Escape Mad Tongue Alberich

Technically just like other “fog gate” bosses in Elden Ring, there is no way to escape Mad Tongue Alberich once the boss fight has started. Since you jumped down from the balcony and there is no way to go back up. You can however put some distance between him and you during the fight to get some breathing room and prepare your attacks.

The best way to maintain some distance between him and you is to keep moving continuously. Mad Tongue Alberich battles with a nasty scythe and potent magics. His scythe allows for quick assaults that may take out players in a matter of seconds. With such a lethal weapon, Mad Tongue Alberich can be quite surreal as he gains an advantage in close-quarter fighting.

Mad Tongue Alberich is a tough adversary due to his lethal mix of strong weaponry and destructive spells. Engaging in close combat is a dangerous bet, and using a ranged strategy is difficult. Fighting Mad Tongue Alberich at a distance while continually moving around him and escaping incoming attacks is the best way possible to cause damage.

How to Defeat Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden Ring

Now that you know about Alberich’s attacks pattern in detail, it’s easy for you to counter them by just following the tips ahead. To tackle the Scythe attack, you should be careful in noticing the movement of the weapon.

As mentioned above, he will attack you on the feet, so be careful and try to dodge it by moving your feet away quickly. Just keep moving around while he is swinging the Scythe.

Alberich’s weapons cause frostbite as well as hemorrhaging. Getting struck sufficiently to allow either build-up to happen will deliver a massive amount of damage on top of the massive damage Alberich is currently dealing.

Also, make sure that you do not get unstable, so it will not come at you with the preceding attack. Try to be at your feet and do not just run around randomly.

If you do not get unstable, the red-colored monster will not be able to come at you with the preceding attack and cause extra damage.

Alberich only has one health flask, which he will drink once his HP has been depleted by around two-thirds.

Try to keep yourself at a bit of a distance from Mad Tongue Alberich, so it will not be able to approach you easily. When you want to hit him with a sword, get close to him and hit on the shoulder or head from one side. This will allow you to cause more damage to this monster.

Constantly keep moving around the boss and hitting it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Mad Tongue Alberich Drops

Once you defeat Mad Tongue Alberich, you will receive 1562 Runes, Taunter’s Tongue and finally Furlcalling Finger. The main items which will benefit us the most is the Taunter’s Tongue.

This item can bring invaders to your world and the plus point of having it is that this can be reusable. It also reduces the invasion cooldown time and increases the number of invaders. Apart from this, the Furlcalling Finger can be used as a portal to join the world of other players.

How to Cheese Mad Tongue Alberich

The boss has a long spawning animation, which you can take advantage of. Make sure to move behind the boss the moment he spawns. Use a weapon like a sword with bleed or frost for an efficient strike.

You don’t have to go too far behind him since he’ll merely roll to the side and avoid your attacks. You can get whacked by his scythe if you come too close to him.

Simply keep a medium-range and attack him frequently between his attacks or when he is ready to attack. As a result, you may backstab him for critical damage as soon as he spawns and then pepper him with assaults until he heals entirely.

When you land your first strike, continue to attack him so you can cause maximum damage.

Another method is to inflict poison on him before running away until you lose aggro. Doing that, you can just watch his hp tick away

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