Elden Ring Spells Locations Guide

In this guide, we will go over the spells and their locations in Elden Ring and explain how to use each type of magic.

The sheer number of playstyles offered in Elden Ring mean that players aren’t just restricted to melee combat. If you prefer a ranged approach to fights, that is a completely viable option. For ranged combat, Elden Ring offers bows as well as powerful spells. In this guide, we will go over the spells and their locations in Elden Ring.

What are Spells?

Spells are your ranged magic options in Elden Ring that vary in their powers. Some spells can provide buffs to allies, some heal while others deal devastating damage to enemies.

Magic Spells in Elden Ring require the use of magic weapons like Staff or Sacred Seal, both of which are for different types of spells.

How Spells Work in Elden Ring?

In order to use Magic Spells in Elden Ring, you must memorize them first. These require memory slots and you have a limited number of them so be careful of what you memorize.

Once you know the location of a spell in Elden Ring, most of which are sold from merchants, simply check if you meet the requirements of the spell and then memorize it. This will take up your memory slots but thankfully that capacity can be increased through Memory Stones.

As mentioned before, using Spells requires Staff or a Sacred Seal. On top of these weapon requirements, you also need to have sufficient FP and Stamina to cast a spell.

There are two types of Magic Spells


Sorceries are magic spells that require the use of a Staff as a weapon and rely on Intelligence stat. Before you can use a Sorcery, you need to visit a Sorcery Trainer and learn the spell from them.

Sorceries are mostly linked to large-scale devastating damage and casting projectiles.

In order to learn sorceries, you need to buy spells from trainers or find them as loot around the world. Sorceress Sellen has the biggest collection of spells for sale.


Incantation spells require a Sacred Seal to use and depend on the Faith stat. Similar to Sorceries, Incantations also require their own trainers to teach you these spells. Unlike Sorceries, however, Incantations also have some spells that provide healings or other buffs.

You can learn new Incantations from trainers or finding them as loot around the world.

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