How To Get The Banished Knight Set In Elden Ring

This guide will look at where to find the Banished Knight Armor Set in Elden Ring and farm all of its pieces with ease.

The Banished Knight Armor Set is a heavy-weight armor set in Elden Ring. This armor is worn by knights who were forced to abandon their homes because of either misfortune or misdeed.

The Banished Knight armor set offers superior stats in terms of Resistance when it comes to being compared to the rest of the armor sets in Elden Ring.

Moreover, you will encounter two variants of the Banished Knight Armor set in the game. These pieces of this armor set will be either Standard or Altered. Although both the variants of the Banished Knight set aren’t identical, the differences aren’t that big. As for the drop rate, it has been reported that the drop rate for each piece of armor set in Elden Ring is only 3%. So you might have to kill many of those Knights to get the complete set. However, you can increase your chances of getting this armor by using items like Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot or Scarab Talisman.

You can get Banished Knight Armor Set by killing the Banished Knight at Stormveil Castle, Crumbling Farum Azula, Cathedral of Dragon Communion, or the Castle of Sol. 

Every time you defeat the knight, it will most likely drop one or two armor pieces. These include the Banished Knight Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, and the Greaves in Elden Ring.

Apart from those you can also get three additional items for taking down these knights along with the armor set. These will include weapons like the Banished Knight’s Halberd, Banished Knight’s Shield, and Banished Knight’s Greatsword.

In this guide, we will assist you in finding the Banished Knight Armor set along with its stats and upgrades in Elden Ring.

Where to farm the Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring

There are multiple locations where you can find a Banished Knight for the Banished Knight armor set. It all depends on your character level, how much of the map you have unlocked, and ease of travel.

Stormveil Castle

Banished Knight Armor set map location in Elden Ring

If you want the Banished Knight armor set early in Elden Ring, you can use the grace site at Stormveil Castle. This particular site of grace is the Rampart Tower. Then you can head out and drop down from the left end.

You will find a banished knight on the level below, so take him out. After that, you can get to loot the Banished Knight Armor set pieces from him in Elden Ring.

Crumbling Farum Azula 

You will face a banished knight after you exit the Crumbling Farum Azula site of grace in Elden Ring. This knight will be positioned outside the keep near the large dragon statue. So you can make your way to him and kill him to loot the Banished Knight Armor set in Elden Ring.  

Cathedral of Dragon Communion

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion can be found in Caelid. Just follow the road South and venture further South as the road turns East. A quick and easy way to get here is by traveling to the grace of site at this location in Elden Ring.

After leaving the grace site, you will find the Banished Knight strolling near the west side of the church of dragon communion. So you can take him out to acquire the pieces of the Banished Knight Armor set from this particular location in Elden Ring.

Castle Sol

Banished Knight locations in Castle Sol

Castle Sol is located in the northeast on the Mountaintops of the Giants. Note that this area is slightly high level, so if you are still in the early to mid-game, avoid coming here as the mobs here pack a punch. You also need to keep in mind that you will encounter two knights at Castle Sol in Elden Ring, so you must also come prepared.

You can quickly travel to Castle Sol Main Gate or The Church of Eclipse inside Castle Sol. Once you reach this site of grace and exit it, you will find the Banished Knight guarding outside. 

So now you can proceed to take him out with your chosen method. Similarly, you will find the other knight accompanied by two large white wolves on the left side towards the northern end of the castle as well.

Banished Knight Amor stats, is it good?

The Banished Knight Armor Set offers excellent stats regarding vitality, immunity, and robustness in Elden Ring. As for the weight of this particular armor set, the Banished Knight Armor set weighs around (41.6) in Elden Ring.

In terms of Damage, it offers a physical damage negation of (35.5). Relatively, the defense against strike damage amounts to  (29.2), and against slash attacks, the damage negation is (36.4). Lastly, the damage negation against the pierce damage is (33.5).

As for the damage negation against Magic attacks, it is (26.5) in Elden Ring. Moreover, the damage negation on Fire attacks is (26.5). It is (26.1) for Holy attacks, and for the Light attacks, it is (25.6).

There is a significant boost in the resistance stats of the Banished Knight Armor set, which include an Immunity of (143), and a high Robustness of (197). Apart from these, the rest involve a Focus of (91), an increased  Vitality of (160), and a Poise of  (72) in Elden Ring. 

So overall, if you are looking for good defense against different damage types in Elden Ring, the Banished Knight Armor set is a good option; however, since it is a heavy armor, you will be compromising your mobility as well.

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