Dragon’s Dogma Armor Locations Guide

Learn the locations of all the armor pieces in Dragon's Dogma to fully equip your character and companions in the game with this guide

You will not only have to choose your skills carefully, but find good weapons and armor to compliment your fighting style in Dragon’s Dogma so we decided to prepare a Dragon’s Dogma Armor Locations guide to help you.

Though you will be collecting armor pieces throughout your journey in Dragon’s Dogma, good armor is hard to come by. If you are finding it difficult to locate the armor pieces to complete your armor set, follow our guide that walks you through different locations where you can find these armor pieces.

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Dragon’s Dogma Armor Location

Armor in Dragon’s Dogma is the only way to protect Arisen and Pawns. The good thing is that as you proceed further in the game, you can upgrade your armor as well. Enhancement, Dragonforging and Rorifying are means of upgrading your armor.


Leather Cape
Location. Help the merchant you see on your way out of Cassardis to get this.

Tattered Mantle
Location. The room which has the pressure switches before you meet the dragon, search for a chest. (The Tainted Mountain)

Arms Armor

Abyssinal Bracers
Location. Reward for slaying online Ur-Dragon

Dragonscale Arm
Location. Found in the chests of The Everfall, Chamber of Tragedy, Chamber of Distress, Chamber of Sorrow, Chamber of Hope.
Can also be purchased from Delec.

Meloirean Armgaurd
Location. Purchased from Caxton and Alon.
Can also be found in the chests of The Everfall, Chamber of Absense, Chamber of Distress, The Greatwall.

Twilight Manicae
Location. Can be purchased from Joye.
Can also be found in the chests of The Everfall, Chamber of Hesitation, Chamber of Distress, Chamber of Sorrow, Chamber of Resolution, Gutter of Misery and Duskmoon Tower.

Iron Armguard
Location. Sold by Caxton.
Can also be found in Catacombs.

Silver Bands
Location. Can be purchased by Caxton and Jayce.


Assassin’s Mask
Location. The chest during the quest “Deeper Trouble”. Save and Load in the chest which is next to the Bandit’s Den when you’re going to the Blue Moon Tower.

Beowulf Mask
Location. Kill the Ur-Dragon.

Iron Helm
Location. Can be purchased from Caxton, Mathias.
Can also be found in chest in Ancient Quarry

Cyclops Veil
Location. Sold at the Great Wall.

Hero’s Hood
Location. Purchase the armor pack Divine Protection

Location. The Chamber of Remorse in Everfall, Joye sells it.

Gossips Mask
Location. A random drop, you might find it in the Mauls encampment as well. It is also located in a chest of a bandit camp near The Blighted Manse and Windbluff Tower.

Siegfried’s Mask
Location. Kill the Ur-Dragon.

Red Leather hood
Location. Sold at Caxton’s Armory.

Skulker’s Mask
Location. You might get it from Caxton (Gran Soren)

Leg Armor

Assassin’s Breeches
Location. The chest of The Bluemoon Tower.

Chimeric Sabatons
Location. Caxton sells it.

Fine Over-Knee Boots
Location. Madeleine sells in Gran Soren.

Grisly Greaves
Location. Joye sells it in the Chamber of Remorse (Everfall)

Over Knee boots
Location. Madeleine’s shop (Gran Soren)

Superior Cuisses
Location. Jayce sells it and are located in the chests of Tainted Mountain Temple and Chamber of Remorse.

Swordman’s Greaves
Location. Ancient Quarry’s merchant might have these.

Twilight Greaves
Location. Found is chests in The Everfall, Chamber of Resolution, Chamber of Fate, Chamber of Sorrow, Chamber of Hope, Duskmoon Tower.

White Hawk Cuisses
Location. Sold by Alon.

Iron Boots
Location. Purchase from Caxton, Barroch, Jayce or Alon.

Chest Armor

Abyssinal Coat
Location. Slay the online Ur-Dragon.

Crimson Plate
Location. Joye sells it in the Chamber of Remorse and also located in the chests (Everfall).

Iron Lorica
Location. Sold at the Caxton’s Armory.

White Hawn Half-Plate
Location. Sold by Alon.

Swordsman Plate
Location. Sold by Alon but not in PC version.

Missionary’s Robe
Location. Sold by Caxton, Jayce and Alon.

Red Dragon Scale
Location. Found in the chests of The Everfall, Chamber of Absence, Chamber of Inspiration, Chamber of Remembrance, Chamber of Fate.

Rex Lion Padding
Location. Sold by Caxton and Alon.
Also found in chests in chambers of Soulfayer Canyon, Bluemoon Tower, The Greatwall.

Chest Clothing

Blessed Vest
Location. Madeleine sells her in the shop of Gran Soren.

Lady’s Corest
Location. You might find it in the chest of Witchwood, follow the river right after you enter and you should see an open area on the right which has a chest or buy it from Gran Soren – Madeleine’s shop.

If you find any other armor piece that we might have missed, share with us in the comments and we will add it up.

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