Dragon’s Dogma Everfall Chambers Guide

How to complete Everfall Chambers in Dragon's Dogma. A post-game guide to completing all the puzzles, looting the rare monsters and more.

The everfall chambers in Dragon’s Dogma are only unlocked once you have beaten The Dragon and have completed the “A Warm Welcome” quest. This guide will help you complete the Dragon’s Dogma Everfall Chambers.

You can go to Everfall by either jumping into the pit from the main square (Gran Soren) or by going through the door which you used for the quest “Lure of the Abyss” at Pawn Guild.

Dragon’s Dogma Everfall Chambers

Chamber of Confusion
As soon as you enter the chambers, you will have to fight the Evil Eye. You cannot proceed any further without slaining the Evil Eye.

Make sure you have a couple of items to cure petrification as he’ll poison you many times. The best way to attack him during his shield on is to attack the tentacles, once the shield is off you can attack him head-on.

Repeat the process unless you successfully defeat him by attacking on its eye. Once the Eye is defeated, you can access the other chambers.

Chamber of Anxiety
Holy and Boon Affinity are useful when the Wight is casting spells on you. Make sure that you clear the skeletons before you attack your heavier enemies.

It should be like Skeleton Sorcerers>Skeleton Knights and then the Wight, which is not very difficult. Just stay out of the red circle where his magic is casted.

Chamber of Abscence
Take out the the 3 Skeleton Mages/Sorcerers after you have crossed the bridge, then aim for the tails of the Geo Saurians so they’ll take more damage. There will be 3 Geo Saurians.

Move downstairs and then fight a single pack of Hellhounds at a time, if you’ll attract more than you might die easily. Long ranged attacks are the key here, Boon/Ice Affinity is helpful and so are the ice attacks.

The second room has all the Goblins; they are really easy to kill. Stay back in the hall away and let them group together so you can easily take them down.

Chamber of Hesitation
ENGAGE ONE AT A TIME and cut off the tail whenever you are dealing with the Saurian Sages. There will be 10 Saurian Sages. The second room has 8 Undead Warriors and Archydra (boss).

Take out the warriors, so they won’t bug you and their boss. Make sure that you have lots of health items. Just keep on attacking its neck and climbing up, when you cut off the head – use fire attacks so you can permanently stop its growing. Taking out all four heads will make him vulnerable.

Chamber of Apprehension
The groups in this chamber are spawned randomly, and so are the chests. One of the groups has the Wights and Gorechimera (2). Use a ranged weapon to take out the Wights with the help of Holy Affinity. When you reach to the Gorechimera, try taking out the snake first so the beast will get vulnerable.

The goat will cast healing spells to regenerate the health so it should be your second target. Strike the head when you’ve done the last two jobs, if the snake grows again you can just repeat the process.

You must carry some items to cure petrification or wear armor to resist yourself from the poisons of the second group. Take out the Grim goblins ASAP and then the 2 Cockatrices, focusing on a single target is better than damaging them one by one.

Chamber of Remorse
Easy if you do it properly, the Grim goblins will ambush you in the second room and are accompanied by a Golem on the bridge. Take care of the Grim goblins and then move towards the Golem.

Try not to make the Golem fall down, and if it does, don’t fall with it. It will be tougher to face all of them together so if it happens, go down-stairs and attack the Cyclops first and anything which comes with them.

Chamber of Tragedy
Take out the winged enemies with the help of your long-range attacks. The Gargoyles and Succubi are faced separately but there is a chance of facing a couple as well.

Magic-based attacks are strong on Specter, fire based on the Succubi and the Lightning based on the Gargoyles.

Chamber of Lament
This level has two types of Ur-Dragons (offline and online). Both are very much different from each other; the offline one is just another monster of the game.

The online one is unique; it grows stronger with each of its death. The online Ur Dragon’s health is probably all the damage which the other online players have done to it. You have to survive for 8 minutes so it will flee or have to take him down, which is really fruit-full but hard.

The choice is up to you: Pause the game>Options>Gameplay>Connectivity and change the setting to online if you want to face the Online Ur-Dragon, or turn it to Offline and make sure that you save the settings for facing the in-game (offline) Ur-Dragon.

The Strider, Ranger or a Magick Archer are good vocations for fighting against the dragon. Anything which increases your Holy Boon/Holy Affinity is helpful too. Items for restoring health and stamina are essential.

The dragon is not hard to take-down. All you have to do is strike on the same spot repeatedly, that one spot will turn red and become the weak spot. If you keep on striking it, the red spot will turn into white.

You will have to choose a new spot now as that spot won’t cause any more damage to it. Repeat the process to the legs, body, wings, tail and the dragon’s neck/head. The dragon will then fall down to the ground – a lot loot items will be dropped, collect before they disappear, and you’ll make a couple of thousands from them.

Chamber of Fate
Spawning in this stage is random. A group of Harpies and a Drake will attack you together; the Harpies are very easy to take down whereas Drake has basic attacks (Tail Whip, Breath of Fire). Just attack it on the chest and use ice-based attacks. NOTE: The Drake needs two to four (in-game) days to re-spawn.

The other group is pretty tough as it has a Wight, a Chimera and a Gorechimera. The Wight in this chamber will summon Hellhounds unlike the one in the Chamber of Apprehension. Try to takeout the Wight with the help of Holy attacks before you target others.

Chamber of Distress
Use fire-based attacks against the wolves and the harpies. When you enter the second room, you’ll face the Wyrm. It is very much similar to Drake, but it breathes out ice. Fire-based attacks are good against it, and the chest is the weak point.

Chamber of Estrangement
Random Spawning, the first group is of Cyclops, Ogre and a Golem. First of all, kill the Cyclops and move towards the Ogre so you can take onto Golem easily.

Second group has a Stone Golem, a Lich, which will spawn Giant Undeads but slowly. Take out the Lich first so you don’t get more targets and then move towards the Stone Golem, the Lich is weak against Holy-based attacks and so are the enemies of the third room.

Chamber of Woe
This chamber wants you to act quick as there are a lot of enemies while the room is much smaller. Aim the hellhounds first and then move towards the Undead. Stay out of the Lich’s red zone and kill the Skeleton Lord before you attack the Lich with Holy attacks.

Chamber of Sorrow
Physical attacks are good against the Evil Eye Tentacles which you’ll face in the first room. The door on the bottom floor will take you to room 2 (Vile Eyes), and the door at the top will lead you to the room 3 which has Evil Eyes.

The third room is similar to one of the earlier chambers so you will be easy there, but the 2nd room has a number of Grim goblins and Evil Eye Tentacles. Just use your physical attacks right after they cast a spell.

Chamber of Resolution
The first room has Stout, Giant Undeads and an Ogre. The undeads should be your first target; Holy-based attacks will help against them. After that attack the Ogre, you might have to face more than one at a time, but you should focus your attacks on just one.

The other room has Geo Saurian, Saurian Sages and Cockatrice so you should carry items, which cure petrification. Aim the Cockatrice with fire-based attacks and then shift to the other enemies.

Chamber of Inspiration
Just use the holy-based attacks on the Sorcerers first and complete this chamber. The chamber will also have around 7 or 8 Phantasms.

Chamber of Hope
Aim at the 8 Stout Undead with holy attacks and then the hellhounds, which will be 2 in number. The second room has a Gorechimera; you can either fight him in the tight area or run to the bottom floor so you have more room for it and the annoying Skeletons.

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