How To Unlock Dwarven Smithing In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Become stout like dwarves with Dwarven Smithing in Dragon's Dogma 2.

While the other enhancement styles for your gear in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can simply be utilized by talking to an NPC, the Dwarven Smithing requires some work. The Dwarven Smithing style isn’t accessible by default from any NPC and you actually need to unlock it by completing a few quests.

There are actually two NPCs that offer Dwarven-style enhancements. The first chance to use Dwarven smithing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 becomes available once you make it to the Battahl region. Or the city of Bakbattahl, to be precise. The second NPC that can offer these services can be found later on Agamen Volcanic Island.

You need to complete certain quests before you can ask these NPCs to upgrade your gear with Dwarven enhancements.


Similar to the Battahli style gear enhancement, the Dwarven style in Dragon’s Dogma 2 increases your gear’s weight but provides special bonuses to Knockdown Power and Knockdown Resistance on top of the default stat upgrades.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to unlock Dwarven smithing in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The first is through Sara at Brokkr’s Smithy in Bakbattahl. The second involves completing quests for Gautstafr, a dwarf, on Agamen Volcanic Island.

Unlocking Dwarven smithing at Brokkr’s Smithy

After completing the Feast of Deception main quest in Vernworth, if you return to the Castle, you will be approached by a guard named Roman. He recognizes you as the true Arisen and gives you the Dulled Regalia Sword, the ceremonial weapon that should be carried by the Arisen.

Since the blade is now dull and damaged due to misuse, he asks if you can find someone to repair it. This starts the Dulled Steel, Cold Forge quest. To find a blacksmith who can repair the blade, head to the city of Bakbattahl. Whether you go there as part of the story or have already entered Battahl by sneaking in is up to you.

Make your way to Brokkr’s Smithy in Bakbattahl (it is up the stairs, on the right-hand side, once you enter the city’s Mercantile Ward).

Talk to Brokkr and Sara there, go through the dialogues, and then talk to Sara again once Brokkr leaves. She will tell you that she needs Glimmercoal to fire up the forge to repair the blade.

Glimmercoal can be found in the nearby Digger’s Ruins, so go there and collect 15 or more and bring them back to Sara. Wait a few days after that and return to Brokkr’s Smithy, and you will find out that Sara is gone. This starts the Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge quest. Follow Sara to the Mountain Base Cave and then escort her outside to complete the quest.


You need to escort Sara out quickly before her hammer cools down, so make sure you remember the path going in and kill all the enemies in the area beforehand.

Once outside, wait 1-2 more days and then return to Brokkr’s Smithy. Sara will give you the Restored Regalia Sword (make sure to go back to Vernworth and deliver it to Roman), and now you can return here later, talk to Sara, and upgrade your gear with Dwarven smithing.

Unlock Dwarven Smithing through Gautstafr

The second option to unlock Dwarven Smithing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can actually be triggered on your way to Sara for the Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge quest. While you are going to Mountain Base Cave, pass through Drabnir’s Grotto. Once you enter the road to Agamen Volcanic Island, you will find the Dwarf, Gautstafr. He is struggling to return home due to his back pains.

Talking to Gautstafr here will start Put a Spring in Thy Step quest. Help Gautstafr reach home where you will meet his wife Cliodhna. Afterward, you will need to escort Gautstafr to the nearby hot spring at Geyser Hamlet.

Once that has been done, wait 1-2 days and then return to their house, Windwalker’s Home. Talking to Gautstafr at his house will now allow you to use Dwarven smithing.


Even if you have already unlocked Dwarven smithing through Sara, you should still do Put a Spring in Thy Step. Not only will this quest unlock the Magick Archer vocation (as Cliodhna is the Maister), but you will also meet Lamond at the hot spring, the person who can teach you Warfarer vocation.

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