How Level Up Quickly in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There are multiple ways through which you can farm XP and do some leveling in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers more upgrades than the previous game, and leveling up by earning XP remains a consistent task. Like the previous version, XP helps you improve your character’s overall base stats, including health.

In this game, you earn XP by performing various tasks, such as killing enemies and completing quests. These experience points contribute to leveling your Arisen, and they get stronger as they do so. The game increases your stats automatically based on your chosen Vocation. For example, a caster vocation, like a mage or sorcerer, will have more Magick than, say, a Fighter. Similarly, a fighter will have more health than a mage.

You can level up to a max level of 999 with both your Arisen and your pawns by performing different activities. As for your vocations, the only way to level them up is via combat. So find a group of enemies and go ham on them to level up your vocations. This Dragon’s Dogma 2 Leveling guide will instruct you on earning XP to level up quickly and get stronger.

Hunting Strong Enemies

Like traditional RPGs, you can earn XP points by taking down strong enemies. If you want to earn more XP points, look for boss enemies or anything with a purple health bar on top of it. These will net more XP than smaller enemies but they are more challenging to take down. So keep that in mind and be vigilant.

Playing During Nighttime

The nighttime is perfect for hunting dangerous monsters like ghouls, zombies, and skeletons; the stronger the fight is, the greater the XP reward you will earn. You will find these enemies in the cemeteries and graveyards; the possibility of their spawning there is high.

Higher-Level Area

If you’re searching for highly rewarding enemies to spawn, head to the Battahl territory. This is a higher-level area, and even in the beginning, every monster you fight here holds greater rewards. Ensure you have some starting levels and decent equipment before taking these on.

Completing Main Quests

The easiest way to earn XP and level up fast in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is by playing through the main quest. By completing quests, you can net yourself a heck of a lot of XP which will allow you to level up quickly. You can also find various useful items and equipment this way too which contributes towards making you stronger.

Completing Side Quests

NPCs will give you side quests that require you to fight mini-bosses; this is another great way to earn XP points. They can net you serious XP as you play the game. But you will have to look for them in the world as the game doesn’t hold your hand and lead you to them. Talk to NPCs, keep your ears open and you’ll find these quests.

Optimizing Your Pawns

Playing with pawns makes it easier for you to farm XP faster. They act as your companions and can contribute significantly in battles. So, you need to build your pawn with skills and equipment that maximize the damage output, leading to faster enemy defeat and more XP.

How to Farm XP in Dragon’s Dogma Early-Game?

Taking down Ogres is the easiest and quickest way to earn XP; all you need to do during this mini-boss fight is avoid getting stomped on. But you can also farm these mini-bosses. For this, you need a Camping Kit, which can be purchased from the NPC that sells potions; you can purchase any kit, even the cheapest one that works.

Once you have the Camping Kit, head to the North Border Checkpoint Oxcart Station in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Set up a camp at the Forgotten Riftstone. After fighting the Ogre and other mini-bosses here once, head to the kit and rest until morning, and your bosses will reappear. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, but purchasing the kit will require you to spend some gold.

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