How To Romance Ulrika In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Ulrika is a beautiful character in Dragon's Dogma 2 that has a connection with the Arisen's past. Here is how to romance her.

Ulrika is the leader of the village of Melve, whom the Arisen first encounters during Dragon’s Dogma 2’s prologue. She plays a pivotal role in the story during its opening moments and is one of two romanceable characters in the game. Romancing Ulrika can be quite complicated, which is where we come in.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the steps and quests you must complete to romance Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’ll also cover any prerequisites before you embark on this journey and all the ways you can miss it.

Prerequisites for romancing Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You must complete some main and side quests to romance Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Start by progressing the main story until you reach Vernworth, where you’ll meet Captain Brant. He plays a crucial role in the main story, and at this point in the game, he’ll assign you three quests you can complete in any order.

The quests are listed below:

  • Monster Culling
  • Disa’s Plot
  • The Stolen Throne

The quest that leads directly to Ulrika is “Monster Culling.” You can complete the other two quests before embarking on Monster Culling or go straight to it.

In this quest, Brant tasks you with clearing out three monster attacks near Vernworth. One of these attacks is in Harve Village, an area essential to progressing Ulrika’s questline.

You can complete the three areas in any order, but upon entering Harve Village, you’ll automatically start the quest “Scaly Invaders”. To complete this quest, you only need to kill any monsters in the area. Doing this is essential in having Ulrika spawn here later down the line. (more on this later)

Complete the Monster Culling and start the Scaly Invaders quests, then return to Vernworth and head to the Oxcart station that goes to Melve. Here, a character named Donovan will ask you to deliver a letter to Ser Lennart in Melve. Hop onto the cart when the “Oxcart Courier” quest starts and go to Melve.

Complete the quest “Readvent of Calamity”

Upon reaching Melve, the “Readvent of Calamity” quest will automatically trigger. Here, you’ll have to defeat a dragon. The fight is fairly simple, and once you deplete four health bars, the dragon flees. Once you’ve dealt with the Drake, speak to Ulrika, who’ll thank you for your service and suggest checking in on the settlement occasionally.

The quest will pause, and you’ll have to visit Melve again after a few days. Now, you can head back to Vernworth and complete a few main quests (it doesn’t matter which ones you complete) and then check back on Melve. If you’ve already completed many main quests, you can simply wait and/or rest until the quest prompts change.


You can talk to Sigurd during this battle to unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation.

Upon returning to Melve and going to Ulrika’s house, you’ll find her talking to a man named Martin. You’ll also discover that the Queen Regent has accused Ulrika of treason. After a little back-and-forth, Ulrika will ask you to spend the night.

Upon waking up, you’ll discover she’s left Melve, and Martin has taken over as village leader. Here, you’ll talk to Lennart, who will ask you to locate Ulrika. Now, head to Harve Village, the area we cleared as part of the Monster Culling quest to find Ulrika.


If you haven’t completed the Monster Culling quest or started the Scaly Invaders quest, you’ll need to do so to get Ulrika to spawn in Harve Village.

Once you enter Harve, the Scaly Invaders quest line will pick up again, and you’ll have to defeat a couple of enemies before speaking to Ulrika. Once you talk to Ulrika, she’ll explain that she left Melve to clear her name before returning. Speak to Lennart in Melve to finish this quest.

Complete the quest “Trouble in the Cape”

Return to Harve Village after a few days to pick up Ulrika’s storyline. This is a very short quest. You must make your way to a cave, following Ulrika’s order to rescue a couple of NPCs. At the end of this quest, she is asked to become the new chief of Harve Village.

Before you begin the next quest, we highly recommend purchasing four swords to complete it quickly.

Complete “Home is Where the Hearth is”

The final quest you must complete to romance Ulrika is “Home is Where the Hearth Is”. Like the previous quest, you can trigger it by resting/waiting or doing other quests. When you enter Melve, you’ll find it in ruins and have to pay the guard 5,000 Gold to enter. Bribe the guard and talk to Lennert who’ll ask for your help to escape the Queen Regent’s tyranny.

He’ll also ask you for four swords to arm the villagers. After you hand over the swords, join Lennart and the rest of the village and kill the ensuing forces of the Queen Regent. Upon successfully killing all enemies you’ll be asked to meet Ulrika by the docks in Harve.

After a brief interaction where she thanks you, she’ll ask you to meet her again at night. Rest/wait for nighttime to arrive and talk to her again to trigger a cutscene with her that marks the end of her quest line and lets you romance her.

Did You Know

If you return to your house after waiting for a few days, you’ll find Ulrika by the entrance, waiting for you.

Can you miss out on romancing Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

You can miss out on romancing Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2 in two ways. Firstly, the quest “Readvent of Calamity” is time-sensitive. If you approach the village and choose not to kill the dragon, this encounter won’t happen again.

Secondly, if you go to Bakbattahl or Checkpoint Rest Town after completing the quest “Feast of Deception”, the encounter at Melve won’t trigger. Ensure you don’t start this quest unless you have romanced Ulrika first.

How to raise Affinity with Ulrika?

Affinity is a Dragon’s Dogma 2 mechanic that depicts your relationship level with an NPC. You can check this in the History menu in the NPC Logbook tab and the game will display affinity for pretty much every NPC you interact with. You can raise it by giving a character gifts they like.

For Ulrika, the game will tell you what you need to gift her to raise your affinity. She likes Adorable and Beautiful items. Shiny trinkets, ores, and flowers are good bets for these kinds of items. Give her these to raise your affinity with her and make her easy to romance.

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