How To Fast Travel In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Both methods of fast travel in Dragon's Dogma 2 have their own ups and downs.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a vast world, and getting around certain places can often be a tedious and dangerous task for your characters. Luckily, the game offers some unique ways to Fast Travel that can make the process somewhat quicker, although not without their own caveats.

Fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2 comes in two varieties. Both methods, traveling by oxcarts or using ferrystones, have their own limitations. To help you decide which method is best for you, we will highlight them both below.

Fast Travel by Oxcarts

Traveling by oxcarts is the very first way you will learn how to fast-travel. Upon reaching Melve and completing your tasks there, Gregor will ask you to accompany him to the capital city, Vernworth. This is the very first time you experience travel by oxcart.

Traveling by oxcarts in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is extremely cheap, costing 100-200G depending on the location. However, there are only a few destinations where the oxcart will take you so you can’t rely on this fast-travel method to go everywhere in the world.

So far, I have only discovered two routes of oxcart travel

  • Melve to Vernworth
  • Vernworth to Checkpoint Rest Town

Head to the oxcart icon shown on the map in these locations and interact with the oxcart stand to wait for it. Oxcart only begins its journey during the daytime. Once you have interacted with the oxcart stand, climb aboard the cart and sit on the bench.

This will prompt the driver to ask you for payment. Pay him, and eventually, you will see an option to Doze Off. Press the button to begin your journey.


You can also board an ongoing Oxcart ride during your exploration in DD2. If you are out in the wilderness and want to reach any of the oxcart destinations mentioned above, get into the oxcart, pay the fee, and quickly travel back to town.

Now that you have boarded an Oxcart, you need to know that there are some downsides to using this mode of fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2. While roads are safe, you can get ambushed during your oxcart ride. When that happens, you will have to defeat all the enemies nearby while making sure the cart doesn’t get destroyed.

The oxcart will only resume its journey when every nearby enemy has been defeated. Always make sure to lure the enemies away from the oxcart, especially when fighting big monsters like Ogres, to ensure the oxcart doesn’t get destroyed. If it does, then you will have to travel the rest of the way on foot.

In my opinion, Oxcarts are an extremely useful mode of Fast Travel option in Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, these are slow, and if you are in a real hurry to reach another place early, then you should look towards other options.

For that, you will need to collect a lot of cash, and then you can purchase Ferrystones and use Portcrystals to travel much more quickly to the rest of the locations.

Fast Travel by Ferrystones and Portcrystals

Using Ferrystones is an expensive option in terms of Fast Travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2 but is definitely worth the price due to its speed and safety. Portcrystals are large and purple glowing crystals which in turn serve as fast travel points that you can teleport to using Ferrystones.

So far, I have only discovered two permanent portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2: one in Vernworth and another in Harve Village. Even the city of Bakbattahl doesn’t have a portcrystal. Now, you might think having just two fast-travel spots is pointless, but luckily, there is a way to teleport to more locations as well.

This comes in the form of portable portcrystals. You can place these reusable portcrystals at any place of your choosing and then fast-travel to that spot by using a Ferrystone whenever you want. So, while initially, you may not have a lot of spots to fast-travel to using Ferrystones in Dragon’s Dogma 2, with portcrystals, you can soon create a whole network.

However, these reusable portcrystals are extremely rare to find. You can buy more portcrystals from the Bay Wayside Shrine in Battahl by using Wyrmslife Crystals or get them as a reward from main story quests like The Stolen Throne and Nameless Village.

Once you have these portable portcrystals, you can drop them in any location of your choosing. You can even pick them up again and drop them at another location should you wish to change spots. Ideally, you should have portcrystals in all major areas and towns in the game so you can get to those places quickly for timed missions.


Having a portcrystal near the Sphinx will help you a lot when you have to travel back and forth to complete her riddles for A Game of Wits quest.

To fast-travel to a portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2, simply open up your inventory and click on the Ferrystone (blue stone) and select Use. You will be shown a list of all the portcrystals you can teleport to.

Select your destination and after a short animation, you will spawn at your desired place. Completely safe and fast method of travel, although extremely expensive.

Not only are portcrystals going to be expensive to purchase (considering you can only use Wyrmslife Crystals), but even Ferrystones are hard to find and cost 10,000G per stone.

So, during the early hours of Dragon’s Dogma 2, it is better to save all your ferrystones and travel to places by foot or oxcart. And gather as many Ferrystones as you can find to stock up for later when you need to fast-travel between extremely distant places.


Your admirers will regularly drop Ferrystones or Wakestone Shards outside your house, so be sure to return and check for loot regularly.

You can get ferrystones from chests, as rewards from quests, or purchase from General stores (the one with potion icon). However, each merchant in Dragon’s Dogma 2 only stocks 1x Ferrystone at a time, and you will have to wait three days to buy another.

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