How To Get A Medusa Head In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Everything that you will need to know about Medusa Head and the achievements associated with it.

If you want to petrify a creature in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you need the Medusa Head. This great item not only helps you complete the A Case of Sculptor’s Block quest and get the most rewards but also kills enemies in a single shot, even the massive Talos.

To use the Medusa head, you must equip it from the inventory, select Brandish, and point it toward the target. This will petrify the target, and a single hit will be enough to kill it, irrespective of whether it is a Dragon, Griffin, Cyclops, etc.

However, getting the Medusa head, or the Preserved Medusa Head in Dragon’s Dogma 2, requires some finesse. You can’t simply go and kill the Medusa and hope to get a functioning head. To start your journey towards getting a Preserved Medusa Head, first, you need to know where to actually find the Medusa.

Where to find Medusa

After your first short encounter with Medusa, you can find her again in the Battahl region. You must travel southwest of the Bakbattahl towards the Nera’Battahl Windrift in the Wyrmsblood Forest.

While ascending the path marked on the map, you will notice some petrified creatures, which means you are on the right track. On your way up, you can find the entrance of the Caliginous Depths, the Medusa Liar.

It is pretty easy to identify, as two trees block it and form a cross in front of the cave entrance.

How to defeat Medusa (and get a Medusa Head) in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To defeat Medusa, you can use any vocation with the Lightning affinity. The Warrior, Thief, and Fighter are good starting vocations that can use Bladed Weapons to kill Medusa quickly. While dealing with Medusa, avoid its Gaze and use items to avoid Petrification when needed.


There is also a special bow called the Medusan Spellbow that you can get after defeating Medusa. It grants extra experience while taking out enemies. Some achievements are also associated with Medusa, but you must follow different approaches to kill her to earn these.

I recommend the Thief because you will get the Vigor augment. This will reduce the stamina loss, as you will need much of it to climb Medusa’s back and cut off her head.

To get the lighting affinity, you can head to the Pawn Search and look for a mage with the Lightning Boon weapon skill. Moreover, to deal with Petrification, you should bring items like Panacea and Malleating Elixir. For stamina replenishment, you can bring Harspud Roborant or Fine Harspud Roborant.

If you have all this, you are ready to take out Medusa. To defeat Medusa, you must aim for her head with any bladed weapon in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The amount of health she is left with when you cut off her head will impact the quality of the head you get.

To climb her, Vigor augment will help you a lot. You can use skills like the Powder Charge or Powder Blast to stun Medusa. Once Medusa is stunned, it will be easier for you to target the head.

The more chances are that you will receive a regular Medusa Head this way, as you will deal significant damage. This will also get you the Off With its Head! achievement. If you take Medusa’s health to the end and then cut off her head, you will get the Withered Medusa Head.

How to get a Preserved Medusa Head

You must attack her head with low-damage strikes to obtain the Preserved Medusa Head in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This is why I recommend using pawns with Weapon skills like the Lightning Boom.

To lower the damage you deal to Medusa, you can also equip the Ring of Derision that you get by solving one of the Sphinx Riddles. If you manage to cut off Medusa’s head without dealing her much damage, you will receive the Preserved Medusa Head. This will also earn you the Getting a Head achievement in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


The Medusa Head is an item that decays over time. Therefore, it should always be stored in your storage at the inn or home and only moved to inventory when you wish to use it.

Can Medusa respawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Yes, Medusa can respawn, so you don’t have to worry if you missed the chance to get An Eye for an Eye achievement/trophy when you defeat Medusa for the first time. For Medusa to respawn, you must rest for 7-14 days at an Inn or any bench and revisit her location.


Make sure to place a Portcyrstal at the entrance of the Medusa Location so you can fast-travel to it using the Ferrystone and earn the other achievement.

For An Eye for an Eye achievement, you must use the Medusa Head on Medusa and petrify her. Having a Preserved Medusa Head will be useful here as the regular one will decay in your inventory after resting for so long.

Once the Medusa is petrified, you will get the achievement. If you’ve used the Medusa head before or it has decayed, you can still earn the achievement by using the Daughter of the Evening shield to reflect her gaze and petrify her.

You will get this shield from the Vernworth Castle Vault. Since Shields can only be used as a Fighter (or Warfarer), you will need to switch to either of those vocations in order to use the Daughter of the Evening shield and petrify the Medusa.

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