Disney Dreamlight Valley Village Project: The Garden Walkthrough

A major part of your progression will involve restoring the Valley to its former glory. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Forgotten Curse has severely damaged the fantasy town and wiped the memories of all of its residents.

One of your efforts to fix that mess will be to help Wall-E build a garden to grow special plants in the Valley. This quest is called Project: The Garden and tasks you to find a lot of different materials and items.

The following guide will help you find all of them in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to start the Village Project: The Garden quest

In order to start the quest, you need to talk to Wall-E. The quest starts after you talk to Wall-E and he will tell you he wants to rebuild a garden after that he will lead you toward the ruins in the Peaceful Meadow.

The quest will begin after you first interact with Wall-E but you need to interact with him once again after reaching the site after which he will give you additional information regarding the quest.

How to complete Village Project: The Garden

Since you are helping Wall-E to rebuild a broken garden structure you will require some materials which are necessary in order to complete this quest. The materials which are required are as follows.

  • You will need 5x Sugarcane Seeds. You can get these from Goofy’s stall and the beach.
  • You will also require 5x Wheat Seeds which are available at Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow.
  • You also need 1x Trellis which can only be crafted with 15x Softwood, 2x White, 2x Pink Penstemon, and 3x Soil.
  • Lastly, you need 3x Burlap Bag. They can be crafted with 10x Soil and 20x Fibre.

Once you have gathered the materials Wall-E asks you for, go to him and give him those materials. Wall-E will then rebuild the garden.

Once the quest has been completed Wall-E will allow you to harvest the crops he grows if you want and you can even spend coins to upgrade the garden.

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