How To Reunite Ariel And Prince Eric In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Remember what Ariela and Prince Eric had to go through in The Little Mermaid before they could come together to...

Remember what Ariela and Prince Eric had to go through in The Little Mermaid before they could come together to live happily ever after? You will have to do the same in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You will have to first find and bring back Prince Eric to the Village. That alone requires a lot of quests to be completed between Ariel and Ursula.

Reuniting Prince Eric with Ariel is one of the longest quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The following guide will provide you with a walkthrough to make it easier.

Max out your friendship level with Ursula

You must first find and free Ursula from her prison in the Cursed Cave. Then you need to max out your friendship level with Ursula by completing her daily tasks and giving her gifts.

Once you reach a level 10 friendship level and build Ursula a house in the Village, you will be halfway through bringing Prince Eric back.

Max out your friendship level with Ariel

You must do the same for Ariel. Complete her The Mysterious Wreck quest on Dazzle Beach and bring Ariel back to the Village. Then start completing her daily tasks as well to get a level 10 friendship level.

You are now ready to start searching for Prince Eric.

Help Poor Unfortunate Eric

Speak with Ursula to start the A Deal with Ursula quest. Ursula will return Eric to you, but he will be miserable. Eric’s form will be changed, and he will be called Poor Unfortunate Eric.

Take Eric to Ariel, and she will ask for your help to bring Eric back to his actual state. This will initiate the Poor Unfortunate Prince quest.

Firstly, you need to talk to Merlin to solve this magic-related problem. You will understand from your conversation that you need something and you can find the thing in Eric’s house. Go outside and use your inventory to place his house. You need to pay 10,000 Star coins to renovate Eric’s home.

Now go inside the house and grab the flute present on the table. Move back to Ariel and give her the flute. As Merlin mentioned, Ariel needs to picture Eric, call his name thrice, and kiss him. As this step is completed, Eric will return to his true self in the Valley.

The quest will continue as you have to make a meal for Eric, as he will be pretty hungry after returning to his true self. He will provide you with the recipe, so you need to gather the ingredients.

You need to make three meals:

  1. Gazpacho
    1. 1 cucumber
    2. 1 onion
    3. 1 tomato
    4. 1 any spice
  2. Vegetarian Stew
    1. 1 potato
    2. 1 carrot
    3. 1 onion
  3. Berry Salad
    1. 1 raspberry
    2. 1 blueberry
    3. 1 gooseberry

Prepare the meals mentioned above and give them to Eric. He will be happy and will move to meet Ariel. Just follow him and talk with him after he’s done talking to Ariel.

Your quest will be completed, and you can befriend him. Eric will become a permanent resident of the Valley.

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