Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Quest Guide

A Deal with Ursula is the final quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the questline of Ursula, the sea witch....

A Deal with Ursula is the final quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the questline of Ursula, the sea witch. This is a much more complex quest requiring the player to conduct a lot of backtracking and searching all over the map. The quest is related to rebuilding the pedestals in order to free Prince Eric.

It is to be noted, however, that this quest is only made available once the player reaches level 10 in friendship with Ursula. This can be somewhat tough since the player cannot spend as much time with Ursula. however, an easier and a lot less time-consuming way of progressing in your friendship level with Ursula is to give her a bunch of gifts. You could gift her anything, but her favorite items, or the ones that she specifically requires.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal with Ursula

Upon interacting with Ursula, she will attempt to bargain with the player, claiming she will free Prince Eric, if the player finds her an object of great power, specifically the one she’s had her eyes on for a while. The object she is referring to is a dark crystal, which is located within the Forgotten Lands Ruins.

After reaching the Forgotten Lands Ruins, look for a pond with pedestals around it. One of these pedestals will have a dark crystal on it.

Acquire this item and take it to Ursula, who will give you the task to find the rest of the crystals.

Dark Crystal Locations

This is the part where the scavenger hunt (without the clues) begins. With no actual clue about the location of the rest of the crystals, it is tough to find them all. However, this guide will highlight the location of all the dark crystals for you.


Glade of Trust

The second crystal is located at Mother Gothel’s house in the Glade of Trust. The dark crystal will be found on the right side of her door, in between the roots.

Sunlit Plateau Biome

Go to the Sunlit Plateau Biome, and the crystal will be found lying near the lake.

Frosted Heights Region

Head towards the right side of the river near the northern stone bridge, and the crystal will be lying on the ground there. Now that you have collected all the crystals, head back to the pedestals in the Forgotten Lands.

Place the crystals upon the pedestals, and a unique crystal will appear on the ground. Acquire that crystal and give it to Ursula, who will in turn give you the Sea Witch’s Gown and Poor Unfortunate Eric item, completing the quest.

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