Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Moana To The Village

Moana is one of the many Disney and Pixar characters who you must convince to return to the Village. Bringing...

Moana is one of the many Disney and Pixar characters who you must convince to return to the Village. Bringing them back requires you to complete all of their quests and level up your friendships.

Moana, like the others, will offer you a few benefits for becoming your friend and returning to the Village. The following guide will quickly walk you through her requirements and what you need to do to move her back in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find and help Moana return to the Village

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can only find Maona in her own realm. Before you will be able to travel to other realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to first unlock the Dream Castle which will be your hub.

After you have unlocked the Castle, head inside and find Merlin. Tell him that you want to go to a place that is somewhat watery. Doing so will give you access to the realm where Moana is located.

The Moana Realm is located on top of the Island and soon as you enter the island, you will find Moana greeting you. After talking to her, she will ask you to repair the broken sailing ship.

You will then get the option to quest named Fixing the Boat. Complete this quest by gathering items from different parts of the island. You then need to free the boat that is stuck between the coral.

To get the boat unstuck, you will need an upgraded axe as your ordinary one is not up to the task. Moana will ask you random questions and you must answer them right to pass the test.

After answering all the questions right, you will then get your axe upgraded. Take this axe to break the coral and free it. You then need to talk to Maona and get this boat out on a sail.

Your next task is to finish How Far You’ll Go in which you have to find a good fishing spot by decoding a map given by Moana. Once you have proven to her that the spot is good enough to fish, the quest will finish.

How to move Moana to the Village

After finishing all the Moana quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you then need to talk to Moana about her moving in. Travel back to the Village and select the Moana Building by going into the Furniture menu by the F button.

Drop it anywhere in the village that you like and is not already taken. Travel to Scrooge McDuck and pay him 2000 Coins to build Moana’s House. Moana will move into the Village as soon as her house is built.

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