Where To Find Gold Nugget In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gold Nuggets are one of the most expensive items in Dreamlight Valley and as such very important to acquire. If...

Gold Nuggets are one of the most expensive items in Dreamlight Valley and as such very important to acquire. If you are unsure how to acquire this precious item, this guide will explain where you can find gold nugget in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gold Nugget locations

Gold Nuggets can only be found when you have progressed quite a lot through the game. You would need to unlock three new biomes in order to find Gold Nuggets.

The precious ones are, obviously, expensive in terms of Dreamlights to unlock but they can give you some really important resources. Take Gold Nuggets for instance, you need to unlock the following biomes:

  • Sunlit Plateau
  • The Forgotten Lands
  • Frosted Heights

You can only find Gold Nuggets in these Biomes. We recommend unlocking Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights first because they are cheaper in terms of Dreamlights. You need 15000 Dreamlights for The Forgotten Lands which is quite a lot.

But you need to keep this in mind that almost half of the Frosted Heights will be covered with ice and you would need to complete the Elsa’s Friendship quest to remove the white coverage of ice.

To obtain Gold Nuggets, you are required to do lots of mining. At the outer parts of biomes, you would see giant black rocks. Use your pickaxe on those rocks and you will start stacking up Gold Nuggets.


You can bring a companion with you as well who will do mining for you. So, this is going to make your work efficient. You can pile up many Gold Nuggets in no time.

What are Gold Nuggets used for?

You can use Gold Nuggets mainly for crafting different items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The players can craft Gold Ingot from the Gold Nuggets. To craft one Gold Ingot, you will need one Coal Ore and five Gold Nuggets.

The recipe to make the fountain will be unlocked after you craft the Gold Ingot. Crafting Fountain will require 50 stones, 20 pebbles, and 10 Gold Ingots.

Are Gold Nuggets required for quests?

You will need the Gold Nuggets when you will be doing the quest involving Ariel. To do the quest of the Ariel, you first need to unlock the Ariel. If you haven’t unlocked Ariel until now, you can save up the Gold Nuggets beforehand.

While you are saving up the Gold Nuggets, you can also save up the gems as they will also be needed to do several things. The biggest use for the gems is upgrading the house to increase storage.

How to get Coal for crafting Gold Ingots?

Coal is the backbone material that will be required in many tasks. It is also one of the most common materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find coal in almost every biome of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Coal is found in the biome in the form of coal ore. Once the source is located, you can use the Pickaxe to harvest it. The coal ore deposits are usually found near the rock formations.

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