Diablo Immortal Shadows Faction Guide

Diablo Immortal has a faction system that forms part of the endgame PvP content. Shadows are one of the three Diablo Immortal factions and mostly oppose the Immortals, the second faction in the game. Adventurers are the third and unlike the other two factions are pretty neutral in their goals for Sanctuary.

The following guide will walk you through the Shadows by explaining how to join the Shadows faction and what perks you get in return in Diablo Immortal.

How To Join Shadows In Diablo Immortal

There are a couple of ways through which you can join the Shadows faction. Just in keep in mind that while there is no limit to the number of players who can join Shadows, only 500 players can join Immortals per server.

Joining Through Shadow Lottery

To take part in the Shadow Lottery, visit the Mysterious Patron at the tavern in Westmarch. You must be level 43 and have completed the Bilefen questline.

The Shadow Lottery has fixed times and only lasts for an hour. The time of the lottery depends on your server but you can expect to find the Mysterious Patron after noon.

The Mysterious Patron will give you a minor task to prove your worth. If successful, you will enter the Shadow Lottery; and if you win the lottery, you will receive a mail as confirmation.

Head back to the Mysterious Patron after getting your mail and you will be given further tasks to complete as a new Shadow Meddle questline. This questline will reward you with experience points, gold, and an Akeba’s Signet.

Joining Through Akeba’s Signet

The Akeba’s Signet you receive after joining the Shadows faction can be used to invite other players. The more activities you do as part of the Shadows faction, the more Akeba’s Signets you will accumulate, and hence the more players you can invite.

Just keep in mind that the players you invite must be level 43 and must have completed the Bilefen questline. The players must also be on the same server.

To invite a player; open their character portrait, select Invite to Shadows, and confirm. You will receive 50x Marks after every successful invite which can be used to upgrade your ranks within the faction. You will also be able to join a Dark Clan.

How To Quite Shadows In Diablo Immortal

The only way to quit shadows is by joining the opposing Immortals faction. There is no way to quit Shadows to become factionless. Take note that your period in Shadows will end with the ending of Cycle of Strife.

One can join Immortals to leave Shadows, and this can be done by receiving an invitation from one of the Immortal clans. In the same way, one can leave the Immortals faction to join Shadows as well. Keep in mind that those who are the top Dark Clans will convert to Shadows while other Shadows will become Adventurers.

Diablo Immortal Shadow Activities And Daily Challenges

Daily Quests and Challenge Quests

You can complete Daily Quests and Challenge Quests that appear on the board every day. These challenges reward you with Marks, thus improving your rank, defense, and damage.

Court of Whispers Map

Most of the activities can be found by visiting the Court of Whispers in the hall off the tavern in Westmarch.


An assembly is gathered for Shadows twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In this assembly, all the Shadows gather up and are bestowed with the blessings of Akeba. There are four blessings including Strength, Vision, Sacrifice, and Cunning.

There is a cycle of two minutes that is repeated for bestowing these blessings on random players and this activity is continued for eight hours. For each blessing you are bestowed with 1-3 pieces of Magic and Rare gear, stocks of Scrap Materials, Gold, 250x Marks, and experience points.

Path of Blood

This is a sort of mini Rift activity that is available early on as weekly contracts when you join Shadows. Each floor that you clear will get you 200x Marks. You can also return to rerun floors that were already cleared to further improve your ranks in the faction.

Weekly Contracts

Once you reach the second rank in Shadows, you can get a Weekly Contract. You can get it from the Bartender at the tavern who will also brief you regarding the mission as well. You will get Shard of Living Night in addition to other reward items and gain Immortal Vault.

Raid the Vault

Once you get Shard of Living Night, you will be able to make a Raid. This allows you to get Essentia and Gold from the Vault. Essentia prevents Immortals from opening Kion’s Ordeal.

Also, Raid the Vault is limited to two hours and can be performed two times a day on a single server. Note that it has 3 minutes cooldown timing and 50 raids is the maximum limit per day.

Shadow Wars

This is a PvP activity that can be performed twice a week where Dark Clans compete to enter the top 10 spots. A total of 32 clans compete with each other to decide which 10 clans will go into the final phase of Cycle of Strife. You need to signup for this activity on Monday and competitions take place on Thursday and Saturday every week.

Benefits Of Joining Shadows In Diablo Immortal

In addition to the number of different activities that you can take part in after becoming a Shadow, there are several perks and benefits to reap.

The first benefit is that you get Marks as a reward which earns you Individual Stacking Buff. This allows you to improve your rank in Shadows and in turn enhance your damage and defense by 1% at each level going through all the 32 levels. This perk isn’t offered to Immortals.

Additionally, the Contracts can offer you legendary items other than Gold and Experience as well. Moreover, more Marks can be added to your stash, thus improving your rank, and increasing your damage and defense buff.

Entering Dark Clans can offer you experience and contracts while competing in Shadow activities. This improves the rank of everyone including you in the clan.

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