Diablo Immortal: Shadows Vs Immortals – Best Faction To Join?

This Diablo Immortal guide will do an extensive Shadows Vs Immortals faction comparison and help you decide which faction is better for you.

In this guide, we will tell you everything related to the factions in Diablo Immortal. We will do an extensive Shadows Vs Immortals faction comparison and tell you which section is the best to join. Without any further ado, let’s get started

Diablo Immortal Factions

Diablo Immortal has three different Factions:

  • Adventurers
  • Shadows
  • Immortals

The benefits you gain, the game’s overall dynamic, objectives, and squads depend on the Faction you choose to play with. Just like our life, not all factions in Diablo Immortal are supposed to be equal, and the criteria to join these factions are different.

By design, when you join Diablo Immortal and begin to progress, you will be an Adventurer who has less influence on the game than the other two Factions. Nonetheless, they will be the game’s largest Faction.

Players who cannot enter the Shadows or are uninterested in doing so will all eventually wind up here. There are still prizes to be gained in the form of bounties and gold mostly.

Shadows have many Dark Clans and an endless number of players. The number of players is unrestricted. However, they will still be smaller than the Adventurers. Shadows’ purpose is to build a massive army capable of defeating the Immortals Faction. The Cycle of Strife is the name given to this ongoing PvP fight.

The top ten Dark Clans in the Shadows will face off against the Immortals once a week. All teams will compete in separate 8v8 matches simultaneously in this clash. The team that can win most of the games will be declared the winner. The Immortals advance to the next week if they win.

The Immortals’ objective is to keep the Shadows at bay and maintain dominance. However, the Shadows will get stronger with each passing week, and the teams are always subject to change. All of this activity comes with many awards and a lot of fame.

How to Join Shadows Faction in Diablo Immortal

Before joining the Shadows, players must be level 43 and have completed the Bilefen storyline. They can then participate in the Shadows Lottery.

Shadow seekers can speak with the Mysterious Patron in the Westmarch Tavern every day at 12 p.m., 6 p.m., and 9 p.m. server time.

He’ll ask them to face three Ancient Champions in a chamber behind him if they’re lucky. The players that win will become Shadows. There is an option if a Shadow aspirant is not asked to face the Ancient Champions or is unable to defeat them.

While most players will most likely enter the Shadows faction via lottery, existing members can ask friends, family, and even random strangers to join.

To prevent Shadows from spam-welcoming a whole server’s potential of players, an Akeba Signet must be used while inviting another user. Players have to enter the Shadows Lottery and eliminate the three Ancient Champions to earn a new signet as a member.

How to Join Immortals Faction in Diablo Immortal

Immortals are the top crop, yet becoming Immortal is a difficult feat. The Rite of Exile is the sole method to become a member of the Immortals. To become Immortal, players must be ranked 43, have finished the Bilefen storyline, and have discovered the Timeworn Scroll in the Ancient Arena.

After becoming a Shadow, players can form or join a Dark Clan and then contest to progress through the tiers with other clans. Path of Blood and Raid the Vault are two events that help this.

When the Rite of Exile begins, the top ten clans can form teams to compete in 8v8 fights against the best Immortal clans if the Shadows win more than half of their encounters, the Rite of Exile transitions to the Challenge of the Immortal, which transforms one Immortal into a huge raid boss version of himself in a 1v30 combat.

A True Immortal storyline gives the Shadows a chance to replace the Immortal clans that lost if they also beat the Immortals. If the Immortal clans win, the Immortals keep their positions, but the shadows can earn their position if they defeat the Immortals.

In addition, the winning Immortals can invite two friendly Dark Clans to accompany them to the Immortals’ Hall.

Should You Join Shadows Faction or Immortals in Diablo Immortal?

At Character Level 43, you can quit the Adventurers and join the Shadows or Immortals. Which Faction should you join is the million-dollar question.

I recommend joining the Immortals’ side since they are the most powerful players in the game. And when they fall in the Cycle of Strife, the top ten Dark Clans take control. The Dark Clans’ most powerful commander becomes the sole Immortal.

Competition is severe because each server can only sustain a few hundred Immortals at a time. But the payoff is well worth it. Each newly formed Immortal clan can give one member a crown with a massive offensive and defensive buff and four lesser crowns. Immortals also receive first access to Kion’s Ordeal, a 48-player raid featuring some of the game’s greatest gear.

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