Diablo Immortal Item Rarity Guide

Every item that you find in Diablo Immortal belongs to one of four rarities or tiers. The rarity defines how...

Every item that you find in Diablo Immortal belongs to one of four rarities or tiers. The rarity defines how rare or impressive an item is. Hence, a higher rarity item will always offer better stats and attributes than a lower rarity item. The following guide will help you understand item rarities in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Item Rarity Differences

Diablo Immortal has the following item rarities:

  • Common Gear (White)
  • Magic Gear (Blue)
  • Rare Gear (Yellow)
  • Legendary Gear (Gold)

Common Gear (White)

The common gear is what you’ll find at the start of the game. These are good for nothing and are considered scrap. Common items are the least effective with the lowest stats. They neither provide any special bonuses nor attributes.

The common white gear is mostly considered a slot filler. You’ll come across them throughout the game but are only used for crafting purposes. They should be upgraded or exchanged with a higher rarity item as soon as possible.

Take note that common gear does not contain gem sockets.

Magic Gear (Blue)

Any magic gear that you find will be better than the common gear. During the early portions of the game, you’ll have a chance of looting blue gear to replace your otherwise useless white gear.

The magic gear consists of base stats in addition to one bonus attribute which can be either Vitality, Fortitude, Strength, or any of the other attributes. Every magic gear also has a chance to contain gem sockets that are of significant use.

You can place a gem in your magic gear to further improve your stats.

Rare Gear (Yellow)

In a way, you’ll mostly be gunning for rare gear during the mid-late portions of Diablo Immortal. They have a minimum level requirement of level 20. Hence, if you somehow come across a yellow gear, save it for when you reach level 20.

You will mostly find rare gear from dungeons or rifts, or when you take down bosses. They provide higher damage and life stats compared to common and magic gear. They also include two bonus attributes instead of just one like magic gear.

Your yellow gear will furthermore have one magical modifier. A rare gear with sockets is something you should always be looking for to improve your character.

Legendary Gear (Gold)

The highest rarity items in Diablo Immortal are the legendary gear. They are naturally hard to find and are incredibly rare.

The best chance of obtaining any legendary gear is by killing rare or elite-level monsters. Completing dungeons or rifts can also net you legendary gear.

Legendary gear has the highest base stats in the game and can have two or more bonus attributes. They also have one magical modifier and can be socketed as well. Most importantly, a legendary item can have a legendary modifier that will significantly boost one of your stats or attributes.

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