Diablo Immortal Lassal Helliquary Raid Guide

This guide will cover all 4 phases in detail and strategies that you can follow to defeat Lassal, the Flame-spun in Diablo Immortal.

Lassal, the Flame-Spun, is unarguably the first real challenging boss fight when you begin your Helliquary Raids in Diablo Immortal. You will require a group of eight players and to understand all four phases of this Helliquary Raid Boss fight to stand a chance.

The following guide will explain how to defeat Lassal, the Flame-Spun, in Diablo Immortal.

Lassal Helliquary Raid Location

Lassal Helliquary is the first boss you’ll face in the Demonic Portal near Central Square as a part of the Flame-spun Helliquary Raid at Westmarch. Below is an exact map location for more clarity.

Lassal Helliquary Raid Requirements

You are required to have a combat rating of 420 to stand against Lassal. Take note that for your first Lassal boss fight, you do not require to level up the Helliquary to increase your difficulty and rewards.

That being said, you will require to have a combat rating of 1250 for the next Helliquary level against Lassal. The new Helliquary level will give your combat rating a boost but it is recommended that you get your combat rating over 1250 to make the Helliquary boss fight easier.

How To Defeat Lassal In Diablo Immortal

As you already know, the fight with Lassal the Flame-spun is a four-phase battle in Diablo Immortal. Below we will tell you about all four phases separately and the strategy you must follow to defeat Lassal the Flame-spun in Diablo Immortal.

Phase #1

During the first phase of the fight, the Lassal will be using three attacks. The first one is a Jump Sequence attack in which he will jump to the area telegraphed by a red color circle in the arena.

The second attack Lassal, the Flame-spun, will use in this phase is a Small AoE Cone attack. His claw will light up in this attack and then swing it in the frontal direction. You can’t tell when he will use this attack to avoid it. Try to stay behind him.

The last attack Lassal will be using in the first phase is the same as the second one but with a large AoE. In this, he will deal AoE damage to the 170-degree area in front of him. Dodging this also requires getting behind the boss.

During the first phase, you should try to dodge his AoE attacks as much as possible and continue to deal damage slowly so you can bring him to the second phase of the fight.

Phase #2

In phase 2 of Diablo Immortal Lassal, the Flame-spun boss will continue to use the attack he was using in the first phase of the fight. Along with attacks from the first phase, the Lassal will also summon Slagspitters and Demon Warriors.

He needs to watch out for Slagspitters as they will throw high damage dealing fireballs across the battle arena. They can’t move, so you should take them out first.

Demon Warriors are not ones you should be worried about. You can take them out easily, and they don’t deal much damage.

Just focus on taking out the Slagspitters quickly, and after that, continue to damage the Lassal, and eventually, you will enter the third phase of the fight.

Phase #3

In the third phase of the fight, the Lassal will use Big Explosion’s most powerful skill. In this skill, he will use his hand to summon up a volcanic explosion that can damage you severely.

Before using that, he will also summon three Boulders as well. He will be melting all three boulders to make them one, so don’t stand between them to avoid damage.

In this phase, you have to use molten boulders as a shield. What you can do is when he is using the Big Explosion attack, you have to hide behind the molten boulders to avoid damage.

Attack him whenever you get the free window. The third phase is the key phase of the Lassal, the Flame-spun Helliquary Raid, so you need to be very attentive in this.

Phase #4

In the last phase of the fight, the Lassal will lose control and use all his skills and attacks throughout the encounter. But he didn’t just stop there.

The Lassal will also use a spell that will inflict Fire Circle Debuff on two players for dealing fire damage in a small area around these players. Here the counter strategies are also a mix of all you used in the previous three phases.

You have to stay away from the fire zone and hide behind the molten boulders to protect yourself from Big Explosion. Along with all these things, you also have to attack the boss. Most of the time, you can stay behind him to deal more damage and avoid his attacks.

Always get your friends back once they die using the Resurrection Stone. You should save this stone for the fourth phase of the Lassal, the Flame-stun encounter.

You can use Crusaders and Barbarians to attack Lassal from the front as they can take more melee damage than other classes in Diablo Immortal.

Just keep these things in mind and continue to attack him, and you will win this encounter. You will get different rewards for defeating that boss depending on the difficulty level you are using.

Lassal Rewards

Once you’ve defeated Lassal, the Flame-Spun, to complete the Helliquary Raid, you’ll receive a Flame-Twisted Claw Trophy along with other rewards based upon your Helliquary level.

Below are all the general rewards and loot you’ll receive for defeating Lassal at each Helliquary Raid Level.

Level 1

  • Mystery Equipment
  • Gold
  • Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
  • 10 Scoria
  • 10 Scoria (Warband Raid)

Level 2

  • Mystery Equipment
  • Gold
  • Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
  • 15 Scoria
  • 15 Scoria (Warband Raid)

Level 3

  • Mystery Equipment
  • Gold
  • Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
  • 20 Scoria
  • 20 Scoria (Warband Raid)

You will have to farm Lassal as much as possible to get all available rewards. Hence, keep in mind that Helliquary Raids reset twice a week. The Lassal Reset will take place every Monday and Thursday. In other words, you can challenge Lassal twice a week.

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