Diablo Immortal Demonic Remains Quest Guide

The Demonic Remains quest is a rather simple one that requires you to run a Challenge Rift. The following guide will cover what you need to do in the Demonic Realm quest in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Demonic Remains Quest

Once you are done with the Library of Zoltun Kulle questline, return to Westmarch. Deckard Cain will introduce you to Rayek who also happens to be a close friend of Charsi.

Rayek will ask you to track and hunt down a Chaos Herald as part of the Demonic Remains quest. To hunt him down, you must enter and complete a Challenge Rift on the third difficulty level.

Head for the Challenge Rift Entrance inside the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Click on the Challenge Rift statue and set the difficulty level to 3. Choose if you want to go in solo or with friends and click on Enter.

Much like the rest of the Challenge Rifts, you must defeat the Rift Guardian before an on-screen timer expires. Start mowing down enemies as soon as you spawn inside of the Rift.

When you reach the end of the hallway, you will come across Chaos Herald Pyl. You need to defeat him in order to complete the Rift. He only looks scary and doesn’t do that much damage. You should find this boss fight relatively easy.

Once you have defeated Chaos Herald Pyl, you will receive Pyl’s Flowing Chaos that you need to take back to Rayek. Use the portal to return back to Westmarch. Make your way to Rayek, exhaust his dialogues and he will ask you if you picked up and used the Helliquary (the Helliquary section will be unlocked inside of your menu).

To use the Helliquary, you will have to select demonic remains to seal. For this instance, you will use Pyl’s Flowing Chaos to seal which will give us an additional bonus that can only be activated in the Challenge Rifts.

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