Diablo Immortal Shop Guide

In this guide, we will go over all the items and services for sale in the Diablo Immortal Shop and show the premium items for sale

Being a free-to-play mobile game, it is no surprise that Diablo Immortal features a premium store for players to buy cosmetics and other items. In this guide, we will go over all the items and services for sale in the Diablo Immortal Shop so you have an idea of whether you can avoid the microtransactions and pay-to-win elements of Diablo Immortal or not.

Diablo Immortal Shop

The shop section of Diablo Immortal is the cash cow of the game. Although the game itself is completely free for everyone to try it is possible to spend actual money on the game.

Everything in the shop can be bought with Eternal Orbs, a premium currency that is ONLY available through real money. In the following, we will discuss every aspect and tab of the premium storefront in Diablo Immortal.

Battle Pass

There is also a Battle Pass available for the players which works similarly to every other battle pass out there. You buy the battle pass, you play the game, and you receive rewards as you level up.

There are a total of 40 levels of the battle pass with each level providing you tons of resources and on top of that, there are two versions of the battle pass. One is the free version and the second is the Empowered one which is the paid battle pass.

The free battle pass will unlock at level 10 and the Empowered Battle Pass can be bought with actual money and is worth it since it gives the player abundant materials to level up their character.


This section of the shop shows the current best deals available for the player. These deals are time-bound and change once the time runs out. They can change daily or hourly.

This section is a good place if you want to find certain items at discount.


A crest is used to add a Rift Modifier and along with that will guarantee a rune drop. The shop in Diablo Immortal will give you two choices for the Crests.

A Rare Crest that will guarantee three runes. The second one is the Legendary Crest which will guarantee 1 legendary gem and three runes. The runes and the gems play a key role in upgrading your character’s abilities.


The Materials tab of the store allows you to buy crafting materials in this section of the shop which can be used to upgrade the specific attributes of your gear. It is recommended to avail of the offer only in the end-game period.


Bundles will offer the player several items in a single package for a price that is hard to resist especially if you are a little short on cash. These Bundles can appear daily and as your progress in the game, the value of the bundle will also increase.

This tab also gives you a free daily bundle that contains some basic crafting materials and gold.


As the name suggests, these include skins for your class armor and weapons. These skins provide no in-game bonuses or advantages and are only there to make your character stand out similar to the Horadric Armor Set.


There are two types of currency in the Diablo Immortal world. One is Eternal Orbs which you will need to buy with actual money and the second one is the Platinum which you can buy using Eternal Orbs.

Platinum can be used to purchase items from vendors as well as crafting also it is used to purchase items from your friends in the marketplace.

Boons of Plenty

Boons of Plenty is a subscription service that gives players bonus rewards. Upon buying Boons of Plenty, you will receive 300 Eternal Orbs, One Rare Crest (Every day for 30 days), and extra storage that will only last if you buy Boons of Plenty again after 30 days.

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