Diablo Immortal Chaos Herald Pyl Helliquary Raid Guide

Chaos Herald Pyl Helliquary raid in Diablo Immortal serves as the tutorial to the Helliquary system and this guide will help you defeat him.

Helliquary Raids are sort of endgame content in Diablo Immortal, allowing players to party up in big groups and tackle some truly challenging bosses. Chaos Herald Pyl Helliquary raid in Diablo Immortal serves as the tutorial to the Helliquary system. We have crafted this guide to help you defeat the boss with ease and unlock the raid feature.

How to Unlock Chaos Herald Pyl Raid in Diablo Immortal

To unlock Chaos Heral Pyl, you will start off by doing Rayek’s questline, Demonic Remains, for unlocking the Helliquary after completing the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone. Once you start the questline, Rayek will ask you to enter the Challenge Rift and defeat the Chaos Herald Pyl and clear the rift floor.

Keep in mind that Chaos Herald Pyl will only spawn on the highest Challenge Rift level that you haven’t completed so far. So if you are up to Challenge Rift level 20, you can’t defeat the boss at level 10. It has to be on or above level 20.

How to Defeat Chaos Herald Pyl in Diablo Immortal

Since the fight against Chaos Herald Pyl is supposed to be an intro to the Helliquary feature, this is a solo raid. Unlike other Helliquary raids, you can’t group up with other players for it.

Fighting against Chaos Herald Pyl isn’t hard. But there are some skills like Summoning Demon Warriors or Burning Ground that you have to be wary of.

Chaos Herald Pyl calls upon his faithful minions which will overwhelm you eventually if you do not eliminate them first. They can be collateral to your AoE attacks.

Burning Ground is yet another skill in which the Herald does AoE attacks around you and himself dealing low AoE constant damage to anyone who’s standing within those attacks. Their debuff stacks and can be quite dangerous if you are not careful.

Spiked Ground is a cone attack which he will do at you when he raises his staff. These do moderate damage and causing a bit of stagger.

You can say that Blast Wave is the Ultimate attack of Chaos Herald Pyl, which deals massive damage. He slams his staff into the ground doing AoE attacks, so even if you decide to tank the shot, you need to have at least 50 percent or more HP.

These are the skills that Chaos Herald Pyl uses and you need to be wary of them. Once you have defeated the boss, you will be rewarded with Pyl’s Flowing Chaos which you will have to take it back to Rayek to unlock the Helliquary.

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