Diablo 4 Steadfast Barracks Dungeon Guide

Steadfast Barracks is a level 37 dungeon with large groups of enemies in tight spaces in Diablo 4. This makes it a good dungeon to farm.

Steadfast Barracks is one of the best farming dungeons in Diablo 4 due to its layout and easy final boss. The recommended level for completing this dungeon is level 37.

The main enemies that you will be facing in this dungeon include cannibals and cultists. Even though the dungeon’s exact layout is random, the sections are very compact making it easy to group up enemies.

Steadfast Barracks location in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Steadfast Barracks Location

Located in the heart of the Hawezar region, Steadfast Barracks is found in the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. This subsection is sandwiched between the Dismal Foothills and Fethis Wetlands. You and reach this dungeon by traveling north from the Devouring Moor (in the Fethis Wetlands).

Steadfast Barracks Completion Rewards

Completing this dungeon grants the following reward:

  • +30 Renowns
  • The Vigorous Aspect: Being exclusive to the druid class, this Legendary Aspect provides a decent increase in defense while in Werewolf form. This aspect is best paired with gear that prolongs the Werewolf form duration.

Steadfast Barracks dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Destroy 3 Blood Obelisks

Your first objective is to destroy 3 Blood Obelisks located in different spots in the dungeon. Along your way, you must defeat many cannibals attacking you. Sometimes, they will be accompanied by a group of skeletons having both ranged and melee types.

Each Blood Obelisk will be marked on your map. Damaging an Obelisk spawns more enemies to make sure to use high DPS moves on it.


Travel to the Ravenous Hall

After destroying all the Obelisks, you will be directed to enter the Ravenous Hall. There is an elite enemy “Zorym” who will be waiting for you.  

Slay Zorym and Collect the Sanctum Key

Zorym is an elite summoner enemy. While you are fighting him, expect to be swarmed with hordes of Cannibals and Cultists. Zorym used shadow-enchanted attacks to apply de-buffs on you.

However, he doesn’t have a lot of HP. Therefore, you can chip down all his health very fast if you can successfully corner him away from all his minions.

Use the Sanctum Key to open the Sanctum Door

On defeat, Zorym will drop a Sanctum Key. This can be used to unlock the Sanctum door. Before you proceed, recover your HP as a boss is waiting on the other side of that door.

Defeat the Mother’s Judgment

Mother’s Judgment is the final boss for the Steadfast Barracks. This boss mainly used ranged projectiles, but it lacks the evasion tactics and zoning tools necessary to make these projectiles deadly. This boss can easily be defeated if you use a melee build.

The only move you need to worry about a little bit is her traps. This boss can place glowing red circles on the group that can explode indefinitely. These don’t deal must damage but can prove deadly if you are low on HP.

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