Diablo 4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Walkthrough

Pilgrim's Footsteps is another emote-based side quest in Diablo 4 where you need to decipher the given clues to find the right emote.

In Diablo 4, The Pilgrim’s Footsteps is a small but confusing side quest. This is because this side quest does not tell you what route you should take and what to do in the end to complete it. It is also an emote-based side quest like Secret of the Spring and Traveler’s Prayer.

Here is how you can start the Pilgrim footsteps and how to complete it without hassle in D4.

How to start the quest

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest can be started by interacting with a book. This book is located in the western part, near the shores of Kehjistan and in Amber sands.

Where to find the Pilgrim's Book in Diablo 4.

You can reach this place from 2 waypoints. The closest waypoint is in the stronghold called the Altar of Ruin.

If you haven’t captured the stronghold, there is another waypoint in the Iron Wolves Encampment. This is to the south of the side quest and you may mount on a horse because the journey is long and tedious.

When you reach the site where is Old Book is, you can interact with it but there might be enemies near it so you should take care of them first.


How to complete The Pilgrim’s Footsteps in Diablo 4

When you interact with the Old book in Kehjistan, it will instruct you to go to a lone shrine in the desert and do what the pilgrims before had done to be rewarded.

Head for the Shrine 

After reading the text, you will have a blue marker on the map which you can then pin to find the best route toward it. The Shrine’s location is indicated by the arrow above. The journey is not that long but you should mount a horse because the path is littered with enemies of different sizes.

The Shrine in question is in the northeast of the Old Book and the path is pretty much straight. As you move along, you will reach a point where the path tells you to move through the dungeon and take a right. If you move though, you will enter the dungeon and there will be no path to the shrine.

Taking the shortest path will not move you to the shrine but there is another alternate path that comes a little before the dungeon and it is to the right. This path will bypass the dungeon and you can then go up the stairs to reach the chapel.

Use the right emote near the statue

Here you will find a statue and a person near it. You will need to use the Follow emote on the statue. The side quest does not tell you and there is no interact option in here too.

When you use the Follow Emote, a chest called the Boon of the Faithful to the right of the path will be opened. This will drop off random gifts and the Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest will be completed in Diablo 4. You will also be rewarded 20 renown for the Kehjistan Region.

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