Diablo 4 Item Rarity Guide

There are five levels of item rarity in Diablo 4. Each level is distinguished by their color and the higher you go, the more stats you get.

Diablo 4 makes its grand return after 10 years and brings back a dangerous foe whom you may remember as the daughter of hatred, Lilith. However, this time around the gameplay has increased and set forth new challenges in terms of the World Tiers System, bringing out more of that Diablo experience for you as well.

So to make the most of the game, you will have to battle different kinds of demons from hell as you progress further down the playthrough. This way you will come across tons of loot from these fallen enemies which you can make use of in Diablo 4.

Speaking of loot you will get to scavenge a lot of items like you did in the previous iterations of Diablo. From this loot pool, you will be able to distinguish the Item rarity based on their appearance and once you do, you will be able to engage all kinds of enemies at higher levels in Diablo 4.

That being said, you will find five different kinds of Items during your journey in Diablo 4. These will include:

  • Common items
  • Magic items
  • Rare items
  • Legendary items
  • Unique items

To determine the Item Rarity you will have to identify them based on their colors. So, if you are interested in understanding more about the Item Rarity, then we have got you covered in this Diablo 4 guide.

How item rarity works in Diablo 4

The best way to understand item rarity in Diablo 4 is to distinguish them by their colors. You are going to come across a large pile of loot in every area you explore or clear, so knowing which items to keep and which to salvage is necessary.

The table below is going to quickly take you through all five item rarity tiers in Diablo 4.

Item RarityRarity ColorAffix
MagicBlue1 to 2
RareYellow3 to 5
UniqueGold4(overpowered regular affixes)

Common Items

These are the most…well… common items that you can find easily. Suffice to say, Common Items become junk pretty fast in terms of item rarity in Diablo 4.

They may work in the beginning and help you survive but as you progress your level it’s better to look out for other items which may increase the stat boost along with your survival ratio.

Magic items

Magic items are a step above in stats when being compared to common items in Diablo 4. The reason is that these items offer decent stats and will help you to survive against all odds until you reach Level 15 after which you will have to look to other items options.

As for the Item Rarity of magic items, you will find items like Immobilizing Mystical Staff, etc. Also, you can pair the magic items with different builds as they aren’t restricted to sorcerers, which gives you a lot of options in Diablo 4.

Rare items

The Rare items are those items that will keep you alive and kicking for a long while in Diablo 4. These particular items offer high stats, and you can also spend your time upgrading them as well.

This will result in further increasing their stats for you in Diablo 4. As for the Rare items, these include items like Immobilizing Awful Dominion, etc.

Similarly, the Item Rarity especially for Rare items is somewhat greater compared to the Legendary items which will require you to grind frequently in Diablo 4.

Legendary items

Legendary items offer you a huge increase in weapon stats and grant you a greater edge when it comes to taking out powerful enemies or clearing enemy strongholds in Diablo 4.

Unlike the first three item categories, you cannot trade the Legendary items, but you are given the option to upgrade them at least five times which further bolsters their stats in Diablo 4.

Unique items

Unique items are considered overpowered Items, and you should consider yourself lucky if you even come across one of these in Diablo 4.

These items are reminiscent of the Legendary items, cannot be crafted, carry fixed affinities, and neither can they be traded unlike the Common, Magic, and Rare items which gives them their own distinctiveness.

So to make use of the Teal/Unique items you can pair them with your top-tier builds and eradicate all kinds of foes with relative ease in Diablo 4. Among the Unique items, include items such as Ancient’s Oath, Battel Trance, Hellhammer etc.

So judging the Item Rarity for both the Legendary Items and the Unique items you can conclude that the Legendary item is somewhat attainable whereas you will scarcely get your hands on the Unique items.

That being said, once you get your hands on either the Legendary or the Unique items, you can mow down hordes of enemies with relative ease in Diablo 4.

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