Diablo 4 Garan Hold Dungeon Guide

You will find the Garan Hold dungeon in the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. Completing it grants you the Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind.

The Garan Hold is a dungeon in Elden Ring which offers the Barbarian class-exclusive legendary Offensive Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind. This dungeon is a long and tedious one. It will keep you running around to do its objectives in the wide area.

Despite being a randomized layout, the dungeon is widespread with a typical layout consisting of multiple regions. You’ll pass through the Halls of Ember into the Halls of Cinder, and finally into the Chamber of Ash.

Here is how you can get to the Garan Hold dungeon in D4 and how you can complete it.

Where to find Garan Hold in Diablo 4

You will find the Garan Hold dungeon in the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. The dungeon is located southeast of the Strands area. You can reach the area by teleporting to the Corbach waypoint to travel there. Then proceed east to find the Garan Hold at the edge of the Garan Brae area.

Garan Hold Dungeon location and journey in Elden Ring

Completing the dungeons grants you the Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind. This will be a Barbarian-exclusive Aspect in Diablo 4. Using it will increase the chance of performing a Whirlwind Strike.

Garan Hold Walkthrough

Each dungeon has its own objectives to clear and the Garan Hold is no exception. During your venture into this dungeon, you will be making your way through the dungeon to face the Spiritcaller of Flames boss. To complete Garan Hold Dungeon, then you have to go through the following objectives:


Destroy the idols

The first objective inside the dungeon is to find and destroy the idols placed in different areas of the map. These idols are giant structures guarded by Elite Monsters, Fallen, and Skeletons. Be careful when approaching them as they shoot fireballs from two directions.

These idols are marked with white icons on the map. To find them follow the main path from the Halls of Ember and use the map.

Beware of the spikes traps rising from the ground, falling debris, and the enemies coming in the way. After finding them destroy all of the idols and then head toward the Halls of Cinder.

Activate the levers

Destroying the idols unlocks a door and will now be opened. Enter the next room where you will encounter a bunch of enemies. Kill those enemies and destroy the ancient totems. After that activate two levers which will be your objective. Once activated, the levers disperse the blockage hindering your path.

Slay Keeper Xor’lim and collect Garan’s Key

As you enter the area, your next objective is to retrieve the key from an elite enemy named Keeper Xor’lim. He is shown with a skull icon on the map. Find him and slay him to retrieve the Garan’s Key. The key will open the way to the Chamber of Ash. So continue on the path and you’ll find the door to the chamber.

Defeat the Spiritcaller of Flames

Once you have entered the Chamber of Ash, you will come across Spiritcaller of Flames. This is a massive Shaman boss that possesses a great hold on fire attacks and can raise dead minions. The boss itself isn’t as challenging but the constant resurrecting minions can be a pain to deal with.

Take them out first as their numbers increase if you leave them. Let them get close to you while attacking the boss and then use crowd control abilities.

The boss uses the same attacks repetitively with its powerful attack being a fireball attack where it throws three consecutive fireballs at you. The worst part about the fireballs is that they will further multiply when the boss decides to use the Fireball Tower attacks.

Once the boss is down, you’ll receive the Aspect and the dungeon will be complete.

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