Diablo 4 Best Barbarian Weapons Guide

In Diablo 4, the Barbarian class can carry four weapons at a time that can damage enemies heavily if you imprint the right aspects on them.

In Diablo 4, the Barbarian class can carry four weapons at a time that can damage enemies heavily if you imprint the right aspects on them. Some unique weapons can serve you well without aspects, but getting your hands on them early is impossible.

This guide will tell you about some of the best weapons you can use as a Barbarian to deal massive damage to the enemies in D4.

Best Barbarian weapons in Diablo 4

Barbarian in Diablo 4 is a ”tank” class that can easily give massive amounts of damage to enemies using melee weapons and effects like Bleed damage.

The Arsenal System it has allows it to be versatile and over that, this class has a crazy ability with which you can carry four weapons together. Below are some of the best weapons Babarian can use in D4.


Doombringer in Diablo 4 is around the Sanctuary in different chests or as a reward for killing some enemies. However, there’s no fixed way to find it. You can use this sword-like weapon to give shadow damage to all the enemies around you.

Thus, it is beneficial in battles as the chance for shadow damage increases, and the damage you take from the enemies decreases for almost 5 seconds.

Weapon With Aspect Of Berserk Ripping

Weapons created using Aspect of Berserk Ripping may be a treat for those playing with Barbarian and focusing on the Whirlwind Barbarian build. You can find this Aspect as a reward for completing Mournfield Dungeon located in DrySteppes.

Once you have it, imprint it on a weapon, and it will impose 20-30% additional damage to enemies as Bleed damage in Diablo 4.

Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus

Ramaladni’s’ Magnum Opus is another sword great for knocking down enemies if you can balance Fury. You can find it randomly across the Sanctuary in chests or as some enemy drop.

Losing 2 Fury per second, any skill you activate when holding this sword will give additional damage depending on your Fury points. This makes it one of the best weapons for Barbarian in D4.

The Grandfather

Any class can use this weapon; however, it perfectly suits the Barbarian. You can find it randomly in Sanctuary as you kill enemies inside different dungeons. Using this two-handed sword, skills critical damage increases by 60-100%.

Also, this sword increases your maximum life and thus can be used in different boss fights where you fear death.

Ancient’s Oath

The Ancient Oath is an exclusive sword for the Barbarian class that you can find around D4 Sanctuary hidden inside different chests and dungeons. With this sword in your hand, hit enemies with Steel Grasp, and it will slow them down for 5 seconds, allowing you to launch your attacks to kill them.

Fields Of Crimson

This is another unique sword for activating the Barbarian Rapture skill. Once found around Sanctuary, you can use this weapon to kill enemies using the Rapture skill.

As soon as you kill one enemy using the Rapture skill with this sword, a blood pool will be created, and any enemy inside the pool with receive 10% additional Blood-Damage.

Weapons With Dust Devils Aspect

Dust Devil’s’ Aspects can be extracted from a legendary weapon which you can then imprint on whatever weapon you want. This aspect is best when using Whirlwind Barbarian build in Diablo 4.

Dust Devils summon on every Whirlwind use, which then damages enemies, making Sanctuary a bit easier for you. 

Hell Hammer

For those who use Upheveal Barbarian skills in D4, this is the best weapon they can have. Unfortunately, there’s no fixed location for this, and you must explore Sanctuary. Using the Upheveal skill with this weapon will immediately send enemies around you burning for the next few seconds, reducing their HP.


Overkill is a powerful Mace; when used with Death Blow Skill. It sets a shockwave in the arena that gives an increased 30% base damage to all the enemies. Moreover, if any enemy is killed, Death Blow resets, which means you can use it again.

The Butcher’s’ Cleaver

Butcher’s’ Cleaver is one of the best Diablo 4 weapons and is definitely as excellent for your Barbarian class too. To equip this Axe, you have to kill Butcher. However, this being the best weapon isn’t too easy to get.

The butcher in Diablo 4 has no set location, and you cannot hunt it. Therefore, you must wait until it hunts you and then kill it without wasting the opportunity. There’s’ a 100% chance that striking any enemy with this axe, Fear and Slow that enemy by 40-50%.

Moreover, the critical damage you give to enemies also increases. Therefore you can easily knock down enemies with this Axe.