Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Eugen Build

The best build for Eugen in GBF Relink is to make him an ultimate ranged fighter.

Eugen is one of the two ranged characters unlocked as soon as you complete the prologue of Granblue Fantasy Relink. This rifle-wielding dude is a force to reckon with, and if you choose the correct skills, sigils, and weapons, you can make an amazing build for Eugen that makes endgame difficulties a breeze to play at.

One of the major benefits of choosing Eugen as a playable character is the option to switch his playstyle from simple ranged to sniper. The strategy for fighting as Eugen in GBF Relink is pretty simple. With this Granblue Fantasy Relink build, you will be boosting Eugen’s damage and targetting capabilities.

All you need to do is find a safe spot, lock on the target in sniper mode, and deal even more damage than before.


Pair Eugen’s sniper mode with grenades to deal with multiple enemies that get close to you. This way, you ensure your survival while focused on distant targets.

Best Eugen Skills

  • Poisoning Bullet
  • Paralyzing Bullet
  • Venom Grenade
  • Disrupter
  • Healing Bullet

The first skill that I will recommend to you is Poisoning Bullet. The best thing about this skill is that you just have to shoot the enemies and it will continue to damage over time. Though its effect wouldn’t last long, it still deals much more damage than a regular bullet. You can even use it to detonate grenades stuck on bosses to deal AoE damage.

The other skill that I recommend is the Paralyzing bullet. To effectively use this skill, you must hold the skill button so it can charge up and aim at the boss. This will paralyze the boss, and you and your team will have enough time to deal with extra damage.

Remember not to use it during the boss break state and only when bosses switch between phases. Venom Grenade will mix and match with the other skills very well in this Granblue Fantasy Relink Eugen build. This will inflict a poison effect and down the enemy’s defense.

Combined with this, all your other attacks can deal much more damage if you use these skills together. The last skill that I will recommend to you is Disrupter.

This will fire four shots, and you can aim them at the target by holding the skill button. The best thing about this skill is that it removes a buff from the enemy it hits. This basically means the enemy can now deal less damage to you.

If you think you’re already great at dealing damage, you can also opt for Healing Bullet. You can target it on yourself or your allies to heal them. This is a great way to make Eugen a damage dealer with healing capabilities.

Best Weapon for Eugen

  • Clarion
  • Draconic Fire

You should go for Clarion as soon as you can craft this weapon. This weapon can deal a ton of damage, and you can target the enemy’s weak spots with it. Some weapons can surpass this, like the terminus weapon Draconic Fire in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

This weapon will help you throughout the game if you get all the mastery nodes. The mastery nodes benefit you passively, regardless of your weapon. But as soon as you get the terminus weapon for Eugen, I recommend you use it.

Best Eugen Sigils

  • Damage Cap
  • War Elemental
  • Dodge Payback
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Quick Charge
  • Supplementary Damage
  • Stout Heart

The first sigil I recommend you have is the War Elemental. It improves your element’s defense against enemies of all elements and increases the damage you can inflict. I recommend you max out the standard damage cap and the War Elemental to deal more damage with your weapon and skills.

Going with the Dodge Payback Sigil is important, as, after every perfect dodge, your character gets a larger window of invulnerability. This sigil will also temporarily boost the attack, which means that together with the other sigils, you can deal even more damage.

Besides the above Sigils, the Critical Hit Rate is necessary for most OP Eugen build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. This will significantly boost your critical hit rate, and the best thing is you don’t have to level it up to max.

Allies will also boost your critical hit rate, so you can benefit from it even if it is not maxed out. Quick Charge is an excellent sigil to use as it will not just boost the charge rate but lower the cooldown time for most of your skills, which means you can attack more frequently.

The Supplementary Damage sigil is a must for any build because it allows you to deal extra damage in addition to the usual damage. Last but not least, the Stout Heart Sigil makes your character immune from all sorts of attack interruptions.

Best Party Composition with Eugen

For Eugen’s best team composition, I recommend you go with the following AI party members in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

  • Charlotta
  • Lancelot
  • Narmaya

Eugen is excellent at handling enemies at a distance, so you will need a character like Charlotta to deal with enemies at close range. She is agile and can strike enemies with a sword.

Lancelot also proved to be a great addition to the party because of his fast attacks. His twin blades and speed help you easily remove even more formidable enemies and bosses. This best build for Eugen in Granblue Fantasy Relink will effectively deal with the ranged enemies, while Charlotta and Lancelot will tackle the melee enemies.

Narmaya will be a great addition; we all know she is best for DPS. She will deal damage and have the skills to heal the party. She will serve as a damage dealer and healer. This team can significantly help you, especially when dealing with enemies like Proto Bahamut.

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