How to Get All Licenses in Rune Factory 5

Besides farming, Rune Factory 5 offers different skills for players to look into which allows them to generate income or craft items. While you can get started with these skills, you won’t get very far without a license. This guide will help you get any license in Rune Factory 5 by letting you know where and how to get them.

How to Get All Licenses in Rune Factory 5

To better your ability in any skill in Rune Factory, you need a license for that skill. These allow you to work and craft a variety of items in Rune Factory 5. These licenses are available through the course of the game, and you can get a few of them very close to the start of the game.

To get licenses, you can go to Eliza and talk to her. Eliza can be found at Rigbarth Outpost and you are introduced to the NPC shortly after you start the game, opening the option to get licenses anytime.

To purchase any license from Eliza, you need SEED points. Each license requires 200 SEED points. After you pay the fees, you then need to undergo a quiz.

These are incredibly easy and even if you fail to pass the quiz on your first attempt, you can retake it anytime. Your SEED points that you have already invested are not wasted and you can retake the quiz as many times as you need.

After you get a license, you can simply keep on crafting the various items that that particular license unlocks for you and keep on upgrading your skills. The items crafted can then be sold or used by yourself.

Some licenses, such as Forging and Cooking licenses are available from the early game, while others will unlock down the line as you progress through the game.

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