How To Get All Licenses In Rune Factory 5?

Licenses in Rune Factory 5 allow you to access advanced crafting options. The process of getting one is simple. Our guide explains more.

Licenses are essential directives in Rune Factory 5 that are gateways to advanced crafting options. Owning a specific license helps unlock recipes or crafting options to create advanced items and equipment.

Gaining licenses is easy. You can acquire them in the early game by talking to Eliza and spending SEED points. SEED points are an important currency in the game and can be earned by defeating monsters, completing requests, or shipping items.

Once you have a license, you can purchase a corresponding crafting station. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of acquiring all the licenses in Rune Factory 5 while ensuring you unlock your full crafting potential.

Complete Main Story Event

Before heading to acquire licenses, make sure you’ve completed the main story event by introducing yourself to everyone in the town and then talking to Livia. After that, you must check your task board and accept the incoming request instructing you to talk to St. Eliza at the Rigbarth Outpost.

There are times where you lose the licenses, to prevent this situation, you must check your task board and confirm you have no pending requests to accept.

Talk To Eliza And Take The Test

After talking to Eliza, you must also spend 200 SEED points and take a short test. To get the license, you must answer correctly. If you fail to give the correct answer, you can immediately try again without losing invested points.

How To Use Licenses In Rune Factory 5?

After getting a license, you can head to Studio Palmo to purchase a corresponding crafting station. There, you can upgrade your skills and craft new items. You can then sell or use the items you craft in Rune Factory 5.

Some licenses, such as Forging and Cooking licenses are available from the early game, while others will unlock down the line as you progress through the game.

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