Where to Find Claymore in Elden Ring

Claymore is a Greatsword you are going to find in the Elden Ring. This is a great weapon for players...

Claymore is a Greatsword you are going to find in the Elden Ring. This is a great weapon for players who like two-handed weapons. This guide tells you where to find Claymore in Elden Ring so that you can go and grab it quickly.

Where is the Claymore Greatsword Located in Elden Ring?

We have already told you that Claymore is a two-handed Greatsword that can take down enemies in just a few swings. But that thing makes it a slow weapon as well.

You can get this weapon quite early in your journey, and you should be going for it early on. So now we will tell you where you can find that weapon in Elden Ring.

Most of the weapons in the Elden Ring require you to defeat some boss to get them, but luckily it is not one of them.

You can simply get this weapon from the chest inside Castle Morne which you can find in the southeastern part of the Elden Ring map. We will make the chest-finding process a lot easier for you if you follow our instructions properly.

First of all, you have to go to the location shown on the map below.

Once you reach it, go inside and go towards its end. Here you will see a lever on the right side next to the wall. Pull the lever and wait for a little. It will bring down a lift.

Get onto the lift and stand on the switch in the center of the lift to take it upward. That lift will take you right in front of the door of Castle Morne.

Enter the Castle and get to the wall on the right side, and move forward along that wall.

Here you will encounter a few enemies as well. You can either take them out or continue to run. These enemies will follow you as well, so it is better to get rid of the ones annoying you more.

claymore location elden ring

Continue to move forward along the wall and turn right. Here you will see a Room on the right side that has the chest inside.

Take small stairs to enter the room, and you will find the chest on the left side next to the doorway. Simply open the chest, and you will get the Claymore Sword.

Is Claymore Sword Good?

Claymore is a dual-handed Greatsword in Elden Ring. It has the Lions’ Claw as its default skill, in which you can attack an enemy with a somersault. It deals with 36 stance damage and costs 20 Focus points.

Furthermore, it tests the wielder’s Strength and Dexterity, so you must have at least 16 Strengths and 13 Dexterity to satisfy the conditions. Like other swords, Claymore can also be infused with Ashes of War of your own choice.

Smithing Stones are upgraded material that upgrades many weapons, so you must collect these even if you must divert your attention to the main story. More importantly, Claymore can also be upgraded with Smithing Stones. Claymore weighs nine and has no passive effects. So overall, yes, Claymore is a good weapon of choice if you are interested in giving it a shot.

Stats of Claymore Sword:

Attack Guard
Physical (138) Physical (65)
Magic (0) Magic (35)
Fire (0) Fire (35)
Lighting (0) Lighting (35)
Holy (0) Holy (35)
Critical (100) Boost (42)

Claymore has the scaling of Strength and Dexterity of D and D, respectively. With this sword, you can perform rolling attacks, which are effective against larger foes. Pure Tank Builds are perfect for Claymore because this build is an attacking build, and Claymore would go perfectly with it because of its default Lion’s clay skill.

Elden Ring Bastard Sword vs Claymore

Many players are confused about which is better, Bastard Sword or Claymore. As the Bastard Sword and Claymore are very similar in stats, it is hard to differentiate which is better. If you have used both swords, you would have noticed the difference in resistance.

In Bastard Sword’s case, the resistance is greater, which means it takes time to perform another attack even though the weight of both swords is the same. Claymore has less resistance which makes it easier to strike again.

Moreover, Bastard Sword has Stamp (Upward Cut) as its default skill, which is not as pleasing as Lion’s Claw. With Lion Claw, you can attack the enemy efficiently, and you can attack while dodging upper-body attacks.

Lastly, to acquire Bastard Sword, you must pay 3000 Runes to a merchant. Looking at the stats, it is not worth spending Runes.

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