Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Debug Mode Gives You Customization Freedom

Wondering what to do after beating Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Well, you may want to try this new mode called the “Debug Mode” made by someone named gibbed that allows you to enjoy the game in a different way. What does this mode do? It gives you freedom to turn on and off health regeneration, infinite ammo, infinite energy, special NPC/AI/UI options etc. You can select different maps to play and buy weapons, different items and the augmentations you want from the in-game shop that this mod adds.

You can download the “Debug Mode” from here.

The installation will only take a couple of steps:

Note: This mode only works with version 1.1.622.0.

  1. Head to your Deus Ex Human Revolution file folder (will depend on the installation) and make backup of file named patch0.000. The back up is not necessary but it is recommended so that if something goes wrong you can copy back the default file.
  2. Extract the archive you received in the download and copy all the files to the main installation folder of the game.
  3. Launch the game and you can access the “debug menu” through Pass Menu and Map selector can be accessed through the main menu.

If you are facing any problem in running the game, refer to our troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue. You can read our guide on Keycodes/Passwords and Praxis Kits if you need more help.

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