Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode Rewards

This guide will explain the rewards you can expect for braving the impossible mode in Dead Space Remake so you can decide their worth.

Impossible Mode is the most challenging difficulty to play Dead Space Remake, in which the enemies you face have a more significant health pool and are pretty hard to beat. Except for the difficulty, some other changes make the Impossible Mode unique from all other levels. Due to that amped-up difficulty, the impossible mode in Dead Space Remake also comes with its own unique rewards.

If you are wondering whether the rewards for completing Dead Space Remake on impossible difficulty are worth the challenge or not, let us help you out and explain all the rewards that impossible mode offers.

How to unlock the Impossible Mode

In order to unlock impossible difficulty in Dead Space Remake, players first have to finish the game on Hard difficulty. After that, they can do a New Game Plus run on Impossible difficulty or even start a regular new game on impossible.

The original version has much harder difficulty in the Impossible Mode compared with the Hard Mode. On the other side, the remake version removes the automatic save game option with only one save slot while keeping the difficulty on the same level for both Hard and Impossible modes.

This means the players don’t have any second chance while playing the Impossible Mode. Dying on impossible difficulty in the original game would drop you down to Hard. However, if Isaac dies on Impossible in Dead Space Remake, you can no longer continue with that playthrough thanks to permadeath.

Now let us talk about the rewards you can get after completing this Mode. As suggested by the name, completing it on the first attempt is almost impossible, so the rewards upon completion are also impressive.

Rewards for completing Dead Space Remake on Impossible

There are multiple rewards awarded upon the completion of Impossible Mode. 

  • Untouchable achievement
  • Burnished Suit
  • Hand Cannon

Untouchable achievement

Completing the game on impossible unlocks the Untouchable achievement. As impossible difficulty has permadeath, this obviously means you have to finish the game without dying on Impossible in order to unlock the Untouchable trophy/achievement. This one is similar to the Epic Tier 3 Engineer achievement in the original Dead Space.

Burnished Suit

This suit is just a cosmetic item that will appear in your inventory once you have completed the game in Impossible Mode. It does not add any extra perks to your base stats, but you can wear it for any other difficulty-level play after getting it.

Hand Cannon

This is your last reward after completing the game in this mode. Hand Cannon is among the famous weapons in the game because of its special sounds. Whenever this weapon fires, it makes a Pew or a bang sound instead of a typical firing sound. Since Hand Cannon is unlocked through impossible mode, you can only use it in New Game Plus.

Tips for playing at Impossible Mode

The first thing you need to ensure is saving the game at regular intervals, as you only get one save spot. The reason for paying more attention to saving is that if you don’t even once, you will not get the trophy.

The other thing you will need to make sure of is using the best weapons, as the Necromorphs are far more dangerous and fast in this mode. Plasma Cutter and Force Gun are the weapons you should use most in Dead Space Remake. Thankfully you carry over your weapon upgrades from previous run if you play impossible difficulty on new game plus.

Using Kinesis is also essential while playing in the impossible mode because it can help you save a lot of ammo. You have to look in the surrounding to find items that can explode and then pick them up and throw them toward the necromorphs to take out a lot of them in a single blow.

This will save you a lot of ammo and helps in moving towards the Untouchable trophy quickly. Your weapons need to be upgraded fully so you don’t lose a lot of health. More health will help you in emergency situations. Keeping a health pack is a good choice tough.

Collecting as many Power Nodes as possible is also vital, along with upgrading the suits to max level to get all the rewards associated with Impossible Mode.

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