Dead Space Weapons And Weapon Upgrade Locations

Being equipped with the right weapons can make a huge difference in Dead Space which is why we have compiled their locations.

Finding powerful weapons in Dead Space and upgrading them is the most important thing you need to do in order to survive against the necromorph infestation.

Slicing down enemies with ease can help you save time and conserve ammo that you waste without getting yourself a better and upgraded version of the weapon.

This guide will give information regarding the weapons available in the Dead Space Remake as well as details on their locations and how to upgrade each of those weapons.

Dead Space weapon locations

You can find most of the weapons in Dead Space by simply playing the game’s storyline. Progressing, it will eventually lead to one gun or the other. These are the weapons that you will find in Dead Space.

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Line Gun
  • Force Gun
  • Contact Beam
  • Flame Thrower
  • Ripper
  • Hand Cannon (unique weapon)
  • Kinesis Module
  • Stasis Module

Plasma Cutter

The starting weapon in Dead Space that you get an upgrade to make it an excellent and powerful weapon is Plasma Cutter. A plasma cutter can slice down your foes while conserving your ammo. There is also a trophy named “One Gun” for only using Plasma Cutter throughout your playthrough.

Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle is a low DPS weapon. However, after upgrading the weapon with the nodes, it becomes a powerhouse. It has a reliable range with staggering damage that can keep your foes at bay for quite some time.

It has an alternate fire option: a grenade launcher that can be useful for wiping out a blob of enemies stacked all together. You can get the pulse rifle when going toward the Captain’s Rig in Chapter 2.

Line Gun

Line gun is the best for taking down a horde of enemies; that is why it can be your go-to weapon. An alternate fire for this weapon would be placing traps. This can be useful if you are stuck in a room. You get the Line gun from the emergency storage room from the medical bay during chapter 2.

Force gun

As the name describes, the force gun is a shotgun that staggers the target, allowing you to gain some distance against your enemies. You can find the Force Gun from the West Seedling Room A on Hydroponics while doing Chapter 6.

Contact Beam

The contact beam is one of the most potent weapons available in the dead space arsenal and has an alternate fire mode that charges a single shot that can decimate everything in its path. You can find this weapon in chapter 4 while doing the storyline.

Flame Thrower

As the name describes, a flamethrower can torch down every enemy in its path in Dead Space. Its alternate fire mode can create a wall of flame. You can find the flamethrower growing out of a Necromorph body inside the engine room when playing chapter 4.


Ripper is a kind of slice-and-dice weapon that can quickly eliminate all threats. Its alternate fire mode creates a Vortex that pulls all the enemies together for you to unleash your slicers on them.

You can find this weapon while doing chapter 4 when you have to cut through a wall with the line gun.

Hand Cannon

The hand cannon is a unique weapon that can’t be found in a normal playthrough. In order to get the Hand Cannon, you have to finish Dead Space Remake on impossible difficulty. For that, you must first complete the game on Hard difficulty which will unlock the impossible mode.

This means that you will not be able to use the hand cannon till your 3rd playthrough. Finish the game on impossible and you will have the hand cannon available in New Game Plus. The weapon itself doesn’t deal some extraordinary damage or make you OP but whenever you shoot it, Isaac imitates gunfire as “bang” or “pew” sounds.

Kinesis Module

The Kinesis Module is a weapon that works like an added accessory to your suit. Equipping yourself with it will grant you the ability “to use Kinesis to move objects”. You will come across this weapon during Chapter 2  when you enter the Medical Cargo Depot.

As you complete the objective of getting to the Medical Deck you will discover the Kinesis Module on a crate, glowing blue. Simply walk towards it and pick it up and the weapon is yours for the taking.

The Kinesis Module has a (KI/R) “Grab Range” of 20 Base points and 30 Max points. Moreover, in terms of (KI/D) “throw damage,” this weapon has 1.0 Base points and 1.35 Max points. Using this weapon, you can move objects will relative ease and also use it to solve puzzle sequences in Dead Space Remake as well.

Stasis Module

The Stasis Module is a weapon that you will come across in Chapter 1 when you are completing the objective to “Replace the Damaged Tram”. In the Tram Tunnel, you will come across a severed arm near the tram door. Inspecting it, you will get the Stasis module which you can equip in your armor.

You can use this weapon to freeze the enemy and object movement for a temporary period of time. This also shocks and immobilizes your foe as well and upgrading it increases the range along with the effects of this weapon.

Weapon upgrade locations

You can upgrade your weapons by searching for each available upgrade and installing them on a workbench. By upgrading all of the weapons, you will also get an achievement of “Built to Order” and “Maxed Out.” 

There is a total of 21 weapon upgrades that you have to find in Dead Space.

Plasma Cutter upgrades

Cartridge Rack: You can find this upgrade during chapter 2 by blowing up the barricade and entering Ishimura Clinic on a bench.

Heat Accumulator: You can find this upgrade from the shop after chapter 3 for 11,000 Creds.

Weighted Blades: This upgrade is on a seat inside the maintenance locker room during Chapter 8.

Pulse Rifle upgrades

Kinetic Autoloader: You can buy the upgrade from the shop for 11,000 Creds after chapter 3.

P.C.S.I Custom Magazine: You can find this upgrade during chapter 4 on a shelf inside the Electrical Systems Storage room that you can enter by moving the boxes using kinesis and shooting at the fuse to unlock the door.

High-Yield Grenades: You find this upgrade during chapter 10 by taking the elevator to the Water purification area. Inside the first locker there, you will find the upgrade.

Line Gun upgrades

Ionzied Capacitor: You can buy the upgrade from the shop for 11,500 Creds after finding the line gun.

Precision Lasers: You can find this upgrade between the Hydroponics central and the mining tram station during chapter 10.

Photon Energizer: This upgrade is in the hallway between Chemical Lab and Cryogenics inside the lab storage, where you will find a crate while doing chapter 10 in Dead Space Remake.

Force Gun upgrades

Subsonic oscillator: You can buy this upgrade from the shop for 12,000 Creds after finding the force guns.            

Gravitic Amplifier: During chapter 10, when you are in the Deluxe quarters destroying the second tendril, you will go inside the guest consultant suites; you will find the upgrade in the back room on the table.

Suspension Module: You will find the upgrade inside a Master Override chest in chapter 11.

Contact Beam upgrades

Supersymmetry Tether: You can buy the upgrade from the shop for 12,000 Creds after finding the contact beam.

Diffraction Module: During chapter 10, go to the mining deck and move the boxes using your kinesis inside the first room that will lead you to a master override door. After unlocking the door, you will find a MasterMaster override chest with the upgrade for the contact beam.

Portable Heliotron: Go to the main lab in the medical bay during chapter 10. Open the bioprosthetics locker room, and you will find the upgrade there.

Flame Thrower upgrades

Gellified Hydrazine: You can buy the upgrade from the shop for 11,500 Creds after finding the flamethrower.

Macroliter Fuel Tank: During chapter 7, Enter the utility room by changing the circuit breaker to zero gravity. There, you will find the upgrade on the floor.

High-Pressure Nozzle: During chapter 10, Get the batteries from the Deluxe quiet bunks and place them inside the circuit breaker close to the bathroom. Enable the doors, then head inside the Shift bunks, where you will find a MasterMaster override chest with the upgrade.

Ripper upgrades

Ricochet Tracer: You can buy the upgrade for 11,000 Creds after finding the Ripper in Dead Space.

Angled Launcher: During chapter 6, you will find the upgrade inside Andonov’s Office on the desk that is the first office in Flow control.

Carbon Fiber Blades: During chapter 10, you will go towards the tram station and into the engineering room. Afterward, make your way down to the machine shop in Dead Space. In the backside of the room, you will find a Master override chest containing the upgrade.

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