How To Save Your Game In Dead Space

You can save your progress in Dead Space, however, not in the traditional way. You need to find a Save Station.

The mutated walking corpses known as Necromorphs are horrifying enough in Dead Space. Something even more horrifying, however, is dying to one and having to start all over again.

Losing your progression is hard enough in any game. On the USG Ishimura though, you will never want to face the Necromorphs twice unless you are playing New Game Plus to unlock the alternate ending.

Not to mention that resources are limited in the Dead Space remake. Ammunition needs to be carefully used because running out means either punching them or stomping their heads.

How to save your game in Dead Space

Thankfully, Dead Space does have a save feature. You can save your progress, however, not in the traditional way. You cannot simply go into the game menu to manually save your game. There is an auto-save feature but you never know when it is going to activate. You may as well forget about auto-saving in Dead Space.

What Dead Space has are Save Stations that are located at specific points across the USG Ishimura. You need to find and interact with a Save Station to manually create a save file. There is no other way.

Save Stations are little consoles on the wall with a camera icon. You can find them on your map as well with the same, camera icon.

Take note that you will often find a Dead Space Save Station before every boss fight. In fact, if you find a Save Station, get ready for battle.

You can use a Save Station as many times as you want. This is important to know because you will likely want to backtrack to save your game after completing an objective.

Always create multiple save files

Here is an important beginner’s tip: always create multiple save files at Save Stations instead of overwriting a single save file. This is because you never know what is waiting for you around the corner.

Having multiple save files allows you to load various points in your progression in case you want to go all the way back.

For example, ammunition is scarce in the game. If you just wasted all of your Plasma Cutter ammunition while completing objectives, you will want to load from a few points back to start over again. It is either this to save ammo or face the next few Necromorphs without any ammunition.

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