Best Upgrades To Get First In Dead Space

The following guide will tell you the best upgrades to invest your credits and efforts in the new Dead Space.

All seven weapons that helped Isaac deal with the monsters haunting the USG Ishimura make their triumphant return in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac has a variety of weapons at his disposal, ranging from single-target shooters to area damage weapons. We will cover some of the best upgrades in the following guide and explain the best time to upgrade them.

Prioritizing certain ability upgrades before weapons will help Issac in managing attacks in the best possible ways and respond to them with greater force and damage.  

Keep in mind that you need credits to unlock upgrades. In other words, you will have to know the best way to farm credits to unlock all available upgrades in the game.

Suit Upgrade

Before upgrading your weapons, the first upgrade you should get is for the RIG suit because the main focus is on staying alive. Health upgrades for your suit will increase survivability.

Kinesis Upgrade

You can also upgrade your kinesis by Chapter 6 which will enable you to grab items with greater precision and from a larger distance.  Also, this upgrade will help you with the Leviathan and its Remnant boss fights.

Stasis Upgrade

You should also upgrade your Stasis duration, energy, and size which can prove to be life-saving in the long run.

Plasma Cutter Upgrade

The Plasma Cutter is the most iconic weapon in the entire Dead Space franchise and is one which starts you off on your Necromorph execution journey.

The weapon features two shooting modes with different shooting patterns. You can tap alternate fire to switch modes for either a horizontal or vertical shooting line.

The Plasma Cutter excels in dismembering the Necromorphs, immobilizing them. Since the Dead Space remake now highlights Necromorph weak areas on their limbs, the Plasma Cutter becomes an even more effective weapon.

Ammo is hard to come by in Dead Space, this makes the Plasma Cutter a great weapon choice since you can buy its ammo for cheap and regularly obtain it from stomping dead Necromorphs.

With regular upgrades at the Bench, the Plasma Cutter can become the only weapon you need to last the entire game. Remember to get all the Special Modifications for the Plasma Cutter to make it a monster-slaying beast.

For the Plasma Cutter, you should get the Heat Accumulator special upgrade which will swiftly destroy Necromorphs with glowing red shots in the dark. With greater damage added to the Plasma Cutter, you can save ammo and destroy relatively greater number of Necromorphs.

Line Gun Upgrade

If you thought the Plasma Cutter is great, the Line Gun is basically the Plasma Cutter on steroids. It is bigger, stronger, and deals devastating damage to Necromorphs.

The Line Guns has a horizontal shooting line that allows you to shoot multiple targets who cluster together. This allows it to be used in situations where your back is against the wall, and you need something to shred down Necromorph hordes.

The only thing holding it down is its ammo since it is difficult to acquire. So, we suggest holding on to those rounds just in case you need them to get you out in a pinch.

While using the Line Gun you must also need to account for its slower fire rate and wait for enemies to stack up before firing.

You can also upgrade your Line Gun from the Master Override box in Hydroponics. The upgrade will make the Precison lasers generate three laser beams on the targets instead of just one which will allow effective attacks even in crowds. The upgrade will further boost your weapon’s ability to cause damage.

Pulse Rifle Upgrade

The Pulse Rifle is the second weapon that you acquire in the Dead Space remake. The weapon now features a Grenade Launcher alternate fire mode on top of its accurate Rapid shot fire.

The Grenade Launcher’s addition has greatly boosted the standing of the Pulse Rifle in our ranking thanks to the added area control. You can now take out Necromorph swarms easily with a single grenade shot.  

The blast also knocks down all Necromorph with the blast radius which gives you a moment to take a breather.

The Pulse Rifle does get a knockdown by its rapid ammo drainage but the silver lining is that you can acquire plenty of ammo by stomping Necromorph bodies.

Initially, the Pulse Rifle struggles to take out limbs, however, as you continuously upgrade it, it becomes a beast for eliminating any enemy.

While upgrading the Pulse Rifle, you can get the High-Yield Grenade upgrade from the Water Purification Bridge hidden behind a Master Override door. This will increase the proximity of the attack causing damage over an extended area. If you have cleared the Security Clearance for Master Override, you can get to open two Damage nodes resulting in a much deadlier attack.

Contact Beam Upgrade

The Contact Beam as the name suggest fires a continuous beam that must be aimed toward the target and kept stable to take them out. This weapon splits the opinion of the fandom about whether it is a good addition to your arsenal.

The weapon shines when dealing with stronger Necromorphs that take multiple hits to be defeated. Its brand-new, alternate fire mode is arguably a better option since it fires one strong charged beam attack that shreds any enemy in an instant.

Use of the Contact Beam, however, may be limited due to the rarity of its ammo. Buying the ammo doesn’t come cheap either since it costs 4000 Credits.

The Contact Beam can be upgraded to its Diffraction Module upgrade found in a Master Override box in the Mining deck, which enables it to open a primary and a secondary damage node. Getting this upgrade will also increase the size of the explosion caused by the Contact Beam.

Ripper Upgrade

As the name suggests, the Ripper is a deadly weapon that you obtain during Chapter 3 of Dead Space Remake in the Fuel Storage. The ripper shoots blades and an active sawblade in secondary fire, that can tear through the enemy cutting off their body parts.

The foremost upgrade to get for the Ripper is the Angled Launcher which comes with additional sawblades. By getting this upgrade, you can open two damage and capacity nodes and increase the chances of a successful attack even in a narrow hallway.

Flame Thrower Upgrade

In Dead Space Remake, you can unlock the Flame thrower in Chapter 3 present in the Engine Room. You can use the primary fire of a flame thrower to fire short bursts of fire at the enemy and the secondary fire to shoot a flame wall. These are incredibly efficient in killing Necromorphs in narrow areas and also provide effective crowd control.

You can purchase the Gellified Hydrazine upgrade for the Flamethrower costing 11500 credits. This upgrade will enable the secondary fire of the flame thrower to shoot fire walls for an extended period of time.

Force Gun Upgrade

Force Gun is unlocked in Chapter 6 of Dead Space Remake in the West Seedling Room A. The force gun provides you with kinetic blasts that can knock down Necromorphs, Swarmers, and even Guardians.

You can purchase the Subsonic Oscillator Upgrade for the Force Gun for 12000 credits. The gravity wells with this upgrade have damage over time and they open up two damage nodes as well. It also adds to the crowd control ability.   

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