Dead Island 2 Plumbing The Depths Walkthrough

Dead Island 2 Plumbing the Depths is a main story quest to progress in the game. Numerically, this quest comes on the 19th number, and ...

Dead Island 2 Plumbing the Depths is a main story quest to progress in the game. Numerically, this quest comes on the 19th number, and the critical item obtained from this quest allows you to tackle the situation in the next mission.

In Plumbing the Depths, you are tasked with finding the poor Janitor who went out to fix the fresh water for the people living inside the Serling Hotel. So you jump into this quest to find out about Bob and help restore the water supply.

You can start this quest by talking to Denise. She’s the woman standing at the entrance of Serling Hotel Safezone with a mighty rifle in her hands. With the conclusion of your conversation, make your way toward Lotusville Mall to begin your search for Bob in pursuit of solving the Plumbing the Depths quest in Dead Island 2.

How to solve Plumbing the Depths quest in Dead Island 2

This quest means putting everything on the line for Bob and protecting him if he’s still alive. You must collect evidence of his whereabouts by visiting several parts of the Lotusville Mall, including the Jewellery shop, Janitor room, Parking Garage and Boiler room.

Head toward the Maintenance Room

From the Safezone, make your way outside toward the Mall area. You must find the shop connecting the maintenance corridor with the Mall. Luckily, you can easily see the shop from the Serling Hotel entrance, located two floors down.

Crouch through the gap at the shop entrance and head back straight to unlock the white door. Behind the door, you will find another well-furnished room. The door on the right side of this room connects you with the maintenance area of the Mall. So you should head there into the corridor and make a quick left.

Be careful, as the tripwire placed at the entrance of the Janitor’s Room in Dead Island 2 can inflict severe damage, so crouch or jump over it to get inside the room.

Investigate the Janitor’s Room

Bob will not be inside the Janitor’s Room, but you must collect several items to find the clue for the next place here. Once inside, look straight toward the table to inspect the Note for Bob.

The note will point you toward the safe inside the Janitor’s Room, and you can find it among the files and printer. However, to unlock the safe, you need the Safe Codes. The codes are hidden within an envelope that you can find by looking right above the wooden table.

The envelope will be between two steel pipes. So jump toward the pipes to acquire the item.

You can unlock the Safe in Janitor’s office with the codes to acquire the much-needed Plumbing Schematic in the quest in Dead Island 2. Now you must move toward the Boiler Room to learn more about Bob’s fate.

Rush to Boiler Room

Head out from the Janitor’s Room and turn left toward the corridor. From here, you need to follow the stairs, and at the end of the stairs, pick the Valve Wheel if you want. An exploded Zombie will also be present at the same site, so ignore the miserable creature to grab the item and move toward the right side.

You will see an exit sign marked on top of the door. Open this door to move toward the Parking area of Lotusville Mall. A little detour from your track can make the quest easy for you. So you have to move up from the Garage to find the Security Keypad in Dead Island 2 that opens the gate.

This gate will stay open as long as you want, so you do not have to worry about the exit gate during the late stage of the quest.

Head down through the Garage pathway to reach the area that contains a vast parking space. In the same room, you will also find flames coming out from one of the pillars, and here you have to take down several Zombies.

Eliminate all the enemies using any weapon, as most of these are fundamental enemies you can take down with 2 to 3 clean hits. With this, you will complete the “Kill ’em’ All” objective, and now you just have to unlock the Boiler Room with a red gate.

Kill Bob and restore water

The fate of Bob is no different than Jamal or Pablo’s as all these characters went to complete some objectives, but each one turned into a monster. Bob will leap toward you when you open the Boiler Room door.

Bob will be weak, so you do not have to put much effort into taking the Janitor down in Dead Island 2. With a few clean hits, your enemy will disappear, and you can use the Water Pipe Lever to turn back the water supply to Serling Hotel.

Head back to Denise and talk to Dr Reed

Rush back to Denise using the same path that got you into the Parking Garage in the quest. The route will take you back to Serling Hotel, and you will provide Denise with the news regarding the horrible fate of Bob there.

Denise will conclude the conversation by letting you know about the arrival of Dr Reed, so head to his room to start a conversation, and this will complete the Dead Island 2 Plumbing the Depths quest.

As a reward, you gain 4,000 XP and a security pass that helps you in your 20th main quest in Dead Island 2. Moreover, you unlock Autophage Skills in Dead Island 2.

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