Dead Island 2 Party Starter Location: How To Get

Dead Island 2 Party Starter is a pair of legendary brass knuckles that can completely roast zombies to death. You can get the knuckles ...

Dead Island 2 Party Starter is a legendary brass knuckle that can completely roast zombies. You can get this knuckle by completing a quest named Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly. A quest that requires you to explore the whole HELL-A and return to where you started.

How to start The Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly

To start the Drunk and Disorderly quest in Dead Island 2, you must first go to a fast travel point in Ocean Avenue Hub. Then go straight toward the Serling Hotel, take the stairs to the first floor, and enter the “Staff Only” bathroom.

Kill the zombie in the bathroom and pick up the note stating, “Dudes Who Chug”. Picking up the note will start the Drunk and Disorderly quest.

How to get the Party Starter in Dead Island 2

Afterwards, you must take another note from Roses Tattoo Parlor in Venice Beach on the map.

When you enter the Parlor, you must take out the screamer and a walker. After killing them, pick up the note from the side table stating, “Dudes Who Get Inked.”

Then you have to go near “Gang Green”, where you will meet a zombie named Cole, kill him and pick up the note that he drops. This will give you a clue stating “Dudes Who Get The Munchies”, meaning you must travel to Santa Monic Pier in Dead Island 2.

You can also fast-travel to Santa Monica, and afterwards enter the Pier Grill and find the note on the table stating, “Dude, Interrupted”.

When you pick the note, a horde of zombies will appear out of nowhere. There will be Slobber, who spits fire from his mouth, kill Jordan in Dead Island 2 and take his car keys which he drops.

Lastly, return to Ocean Avenue, where it all started and in the Serling Hotel, use the staircase you previously used to go into the bathroom on the first floor. Go further down in the basement, in the parking lot and look for a White SUV.

You will find the Suv in the left part of the parking lot. Open the trunk using the keys you obtained from Jordan and start the party with Party Starter legendary in Dead Island 2.

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