Dead Island 2 Drunk And Disorderly Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, Drunk and Disorderly quest has you track down several journal entries to get a sweet set of knuckles. Here is how to complete the quest!

In Dead Island 2, the Drunk and Disorderly quest is one of the six Lost and Found Weapon quests that reward you with a gnarly weapon, the Party Starter Knuckles, upon completion. This weapon is hidden in a car and you need to play through the Drunk and Disorderly quest in order to acquire the keys to the car. You also need to defeat a boss zombie on the way. 

This quest begins by killing a zombie and collecting a note from the dead body. To progress through the quest, you need to find 4 clues at different locations. This can be a taxing process but we have made it easier by explaining each step in this guide.  

How to complete Dead Island 2 Drunk and Disorderly 

The Drunk and Disorderly Quest takes place at Ocean Avenue and can only be accessed if players have completed the main storyline first.   

Go to the Lotusville Mall 

To start the Drunk and Disorderly quest, you need to make your way toward the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue. Enter the mall, go to the main courtyard, and then drop down to go Southeast till you reach the restrooms.  

Pick the 1st Journal 

Kill the zombie in front of the restrooms and go inside. You will encounter another zombie here that possesses the first journal you need to commence the quest. Kill this Walker zombie and check the corpse to pick up the ‘Dudes Who Chug’ journal. The marker for beginning the Drunk and Disorderly quest will now appear on your screen. 

Pick the 2nd Journal  

The second journal is looted after defeating a zombie in Venice Beach. Go to Venice Beach and keep going down the road where Blue Crab Grill is located on the map. Continue till you see a tattoo parlor by the name of Rose’s Tattoo Parlor which is where the zombie is found. 

To go inside the tattoo parlor, press the red button on the left of the door and the shutter door will open. Head inside and you will see a Screamer Zombie, Grant, right in front of you. Kill him and pick the ‘Dudes who get inked’ journal from his corpse. 

Pick the 3rd Journal 

The third journal is looted from a zombie called Cole which is nearby the tattoo parlor. To find Cole, head outside the tattoo parlor, take a right, and keep going till you reach Lenny’s store. Cole will be present in the garage. He will climb out himself to fight you and you need to kill him.

Once he is killed, you can pick up the ‘Dudes who get the munchies’ journal from his dead body.  

Pick the 4th Journal  

The 4th and last journal is found in Pier Grill and thankfully you don’t need to kill any zombies here. This journal is sitting on a table outside the Pier Grill and you simply need to travel there and pick it up from the table. This journal is called ‘Dude, Interrupted’ and provides info regarding the whereabouts of the Party Starter weapon. 

Kill Jordan 

Now that you have all four journals, you can find the legendary weapon. The last letter will reveal that the Party Starter knuckles are in Jordan’s SUV and to access that you need the car keys from Jordan. 

Retrace your steps back to where you found the last journal to find Jordan. On the Pier, go to the northeast side of the Grill till you see explosive containers. Immediately you will face Jordan who has spawned here in the form of a Firestorm Slobber zombie.  

Beware of Jordan’s fire breath that can deal a lot of damage and attack him while keeping your distance to protect yourself. Once he is taken down, pick up his car keys. 

Find Jordan’s Car 

After acquiring the keys to Jordan’s car, there is nothing standing between you and a new badass weapon. 

Fast travel to Ocean Avenue from where you started this quest in the Lotusville Mall. Jordan’s SUV is parked in the underground parking lot of this mall which can be reached by dropping down and then going through the white door that says Staff Only.  

This will lead you to the parking lot where you need to locate Jordan’s white SUV. Interact with the trunk of the car and you will acquire the coveted legendary weapon. Along with the Party Starter Knuckles, you will also be rewarded with 2000 XP, and the Drunk and Disorderly Lost and Found Weapon Quest will come to an end. 

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