Dead Island 2 The Clean And Snatch Quest Guide

Stuck trying to figure out how to complete The Clean and Snatch quest in Dead Island 2? Let us help you out.

Besides killing zombies in Dead Island 2’s main story, you will also encounter some most intriguing side quests. Some of these side quests, mainly the Lost and Found quest chain, challenge your skills as they don’t give you direct instructions to complete them. One such Lost Weapons quest is the Dead Island 2 The Clean and Snatch mission which you will find in the Beverly Hills area.

You have to follow the hints and search for the items, but many players find it overwhelming. However, the rewards at the end of these Lost and Found quests are worth it as it is a unique or legendary weapon.

How to complete the Dead Island 2 The Clean and Snatch quest

The Clean and Snatch side quest begins when you pick A Parting Gift journal entry from the backyard of Roxanne’s house. You will easily come across this house as you venture forth in Beverly Hills since it is the sole Safehouse in the area. The Journal note is in the pool near the locked chest of Obi. 

Collecting the Journals

You will get the first hint from the note near the Obi’s chest which asks to find the collectibles in the Beverly Hills. You can get all the journals by exploring all the pools in the region There are a total of 4 things and here’s how you can find them.

  • The first thing you need to collect is Dave’s Phone. It can be found by the pool area in a house in the northern side of Roxanne’s house where you are standing. It will be lying on a chair just underneath an umbrella.
  • The second one is the Note for Michael which is clear by name and will be in Michael’s house west of where you are standing. You will find the journal at the bottom of the pool resting on a toolbox.
  • The next pool is inside a house, in the south of your present location where you have to get the Obi’s Phone. The phone will be on the edge of the pool near a sitting zombie corpse.
dead island 2 obi

Remember to complete the Journals in order to complete the mission. Each Journal will hint you to go to the Obi’s Crush house. Follow the Leads to find his crush’s house which is Goat Pen House.

Taking down Obi

The last pool you have to visit is in the Goat Pen mansion. It is in the south region of Bel-Air. Your aim to visit this area is to get the keys to the chest from Obi. Obi will be in the pool of the house with a bunch of other zombies which you have to take care of. Just manage to get the keys from Obi after killing him and his other guys.

dead island 2 obi pool

Opening the chest

Once you have Obi’s keys, head back to the place where you started the mission. The fruit of all the hustling will be in the chest named, Obi’s things. Open the chest and you will get an antique weapon, the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword. After opening the chest, this side mission will be over, rewarding you with 2000 XP.

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