Dead Island 2 [REDACTED] Quest Guide 

In Dead Island 2, REDACTED Quest is a Lost and Found side quest that will have enter a military base and recover some loot. Here is how to do it!

The [REDACTED] quest in Dead Island 2 is part of the Lost and Found missions that you can complete in the game. These are particularly famous missions as they will earn you some of the most unique rewards in the game. These come in the form of weapons, upgrades, and mods to improve your arsenal in DI 2. The Dead Island 2 REDACTED Quest is one such quest that will give you money, XP, and a shiny new weapon.

To start this particular mission, you will need to head toward the secret military base, kill the lieutenant and then start the [REDACTED] questline in Dead Island 2. So if you are interested in completing the “REDACTED” lost and found weapon mission, then we have got you covered on all the details to complete this quest in Dead Island 2. 

Dead Island 2 [REDACTED] walkthrough 

If you want to start and complete the “REDACTED” mission then you will have to go through the following steps to accomplish it in Dead Island 2. 

Step 1: Go to the Army Base and kill LT. FORD

Starting off from Venice Beach, you need to make your way to the army base and go left through the wired gates towards the tent. After approaching the tent, open the door and you will find the zombie army officer Lt. Ford feasting on a body near one of the bunk beds. 

He is an easy target so end his poor existence and pick up the journal that he drops. This journal will be named [REDACTED], and by picking it up the quest will be made available for you in Dead Island 2. It will also reveal a secret military tech that you can use to fight zombies. 

Step 2: Open the stash behind the Military Tower

Head behind the military tower which lies towards the Northwest side of this army encampment. If you have been there before then you can simply fast-travel to that location. If you haven’t, then you will have to make your way through the zombies toward the giant military tower in Dead Island 2. 


There you will find an automated door near some army supply boxes next to two armored vehicles. Simply push the button on the left and the door will slide open.  

Keep in mind, that once the door opens some zombies are going to come rushing at you so deal with them in a manner you think best. After that, enter the area and go through the room and exit through the other end towards the caged door. 

Step 3: Make your way to Container 66

Access the security keypad to open this door and make your way to the containers on the left side. Here you need to head towards the containers labeled TBR 68H3 66 and 67. 

Along the way, you will find Container TBR 66 open and two to three zombies “Shambler, Butcher, etc.” eating bodies. Take them out and enter the container. Break open the boxes in this container labeled fragile. If you approach them, you will retrieve the [REDACTED] from container 66 in Dead Island 2.  

This will mark your “REDACTED” lost and found quest complete in Dead Island 2. Furthermore, you will receive Cash (+100), 2000 XP, and the legendary rifle Bodycount as rewards for finishing this quest.  

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