Dead Island 2 Krakatoa Location: How To Get

The Dead Island 2 Krakatoa is a legendary level axe that does fire damage to your target. Here is the detailed process to get it!

While playing through the zombie-infested Hell-A players need a variety of weapons equipped with useful mods. The most special of these weapons are the Legendary Weapons that can be obtained after completing various quests. There are a total of 6 Legendary Weapons and they can be customized considerably. Today we’ll be talking about one in particular known as the Krakatoa in Dead Island 2.

This Legendary Weapon is an axe that deals both physical damage and fire-based damage. To get to the exact location of the Krakatoa axe follow the steps mentioned below and add this amazing weapon to your inventory.  

How to get the Krakatoa in Dead Island 2 

The Legendary Axe, Krakatoa, can only be acquired as a reward after completing a Lost and Found Missing Person quest.

A guy named Steve offers you this fiery axe after you complete his quest in Beverly Hills. To start the Lost and Found Missing: Steve quest follow the steps mentioned below and get your hands on the legendary Krakatoa.  

Go to Ocean Avenue 

Just like every other Lost and Found Missing Person quest, you first need to complete the main storyline and then visit the Missing Person wall in Serling Hotel.

Check the noticeboard and take Steve’s poster off the wall which will trigger the quest and the marker will appear on your screen. 

Travel to Monarch Studio 

The first step toward finding Steve is to fast-travel to the Monarch Studio where Steve worked as a screenwriter for a sitcom. Once you are in the Monarch Studios, you will be greeted by a bunch of zombies that you need to get rid of before moving forward. 

Go to Stage 3 

Stage 3 is where the sitcom set was constructed and where Steve was working. Head Southwest after killing the zombies and you will reach Stage 3.  

You will find your next clue in a bedroom here toward the North. Look at the pink bed and it will have Steve’s to-do list on it that you need to pick up.  

Investigate the kitchen 

After acquiring the journal, you need to go over the kitchen set and interact with 4 specific items there. First, go to the kitchen sink and pick up the soap and toothbrush present there for investigation.

Interact with the water bottles near the fridge and then with the food box on the floor. The last item you need to interact with is the answering machine near the kitchen stairs.  

Look for Jimmy’s Trailer 

Exit Stage 3 and kill the zombies that are present outside. Follow the point marker by taking a right and then taking a left till you reach an alley filled with zombies. Make your way to the end of the alley by either dodging them or killing them and then take a right from where you can see the green trailer.  

Search the trailer 

Enter Jimmy’s green trailer and beware of all the explosives here that can kill you and the zombie named Sergio waiting here for you.

Shoot at the explosives from a safe distance and kill the zombie using your weapon. After the trailer is clear, you can pick up Sergio’s phone from the floor. 

Go to Steve’s apartment 

Now, you need to head to Steve’s Apartment in Beverly Hills which can be reached by exiting the trailer, going south, and then heading west till you see a wall.  

To reach Beverly Hills, just take a left from this wall and continue forward. 

Find Steve and talk to him

In Beverly Hills, you can go to Steve’s Apartment by following the red marker and then look over to the balcony. This is where you will find Steve who will then ask you to bring three specific zombies who will serve as a hot hunk, a hero, and a villain in his story. 

Find the Villian 

The villain is a Butcher zombie that can be found by going up the road and turning left into a house. Locate the butcher zombie here and lure him back to Steve. Be careful not to kill the zombie as Steve needs him alive. 

Find the Hot Hunk 

The Hot Hunk for Steve’s story is the Fire Crusher zombie that can be found opposite Steve’s house. Find here there and lure the Fire Crusher here back to Steve’s house. 

Find the Hero 

The perfect hero for Steve’s story is the fireman zombie on the road directly in front of Steve’s house. Approach him and lure him to complete Steve’s tasks.  

Talk to Steve 

The last step that finishes this quest. You will be rewarded with the legendary Krakatoa is to simply go back and talk with Steve. You will also acquire 2500 experience points for completing this quest. 

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