Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, Missing Steve is a side quest where you have to find a director named Steve. Here is how to find him and complete the quest!

Dead Island 2 Missing Steve quest is among the few Lost and Found quests you can complete in the game. The quest takes you to different places, searching for the movie director, Steve.  

In this quest, you have to investigate a few things. Surprisingly, one part of this mission includes luring some gruesome-looking zombies toward a particular place. So you might find this quest a little funny and adventurous.  

The missing Steve quest can be initiated by visiting the Serling Hotel missing person board and interacting with the document. From here, you will travel to different places and carry out the investigation. 

Where to find Steve in Dead Island 2 

To find and complete the Missing: Steve Lost and Found quest, you must start your journey from the Monarch Studio before moving to Beverly Hills in Dead Island 2. 

Step 1) Fast Travel to Monarch Studio 

Make use of the Fast Travel map inside the Serling Hotel to travel quickly toward your desired location. The studio will be empty, and you will have to complete a few objectives here.  

Firstly, you must interact with the paper on the red bedsheet bed and then move on to the next set to interact with three items. The kitchen set contains a Soap and Toothbrush on the shelf next to the flask you must inspect. Now turn right and inspect the Box of Food inside a big white box which you can find right next to the fridge.

For the last article, turn right toward the wooden stairs to find the Answering Machine. You need to inspect this machine to complete the first step of the quest. 

Step 2) Get the Note from the Trailer 

Make your way toward the marked location from the studio. You will find a trailer parked inside the alley that you must investigate to find the whereabouts of Steve in Dead Island 2. Several zombies will be in the path, so you must take care of them before moving inside the trailer.

Upon entering the trailer, you will find a Phone and a dead zombie inside. The evidence from the phone will take you to the next and the last place for this quest. 

Step 3) Talk to Steve 

You will find Steve standing on the balcony of his house in Beverly Hills. He will task you with finding three zombies scattered on the sides of his house.  

Step 4) Lure the three marked Zombies 

  1. The Hero 
  1. The Perfect Villain 
  1. The Smoking Hot Hunt 

For the first zombie, head East from where you meet Steve. You will find several zombies on the first marked location, but you have to look for a specific zombie. Toward the end of the garage, you will find some garbage and there you will find The Hero zombie in the game.

You just have to hit it with one or two shots and run back toward Steve’s location to lure the zombie. Upon reaching Steve’s place, you must finish the zombie to complete your first marked target. 

For the second marked zombie, move West from Steve’s house, and you will find the Perfect Villain for Steve. Follow the same process of luring it back toward Steve and finish it there. 

For the last Smoking Hot Hunt zombie, head south toward the open fields and find your last target. You have to repeat the same steps for this zombie, and after killing your final target in front of Steve, you will complete the Dead Island 2 Missing Steve quest. This will reward you with 2,500 XP and Krakatoa legendary.

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