Dead Island 2 Missing: Pablo Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, the Missing Pablo quest will have you search for a character named Pablo. In return, you will get some nice goodies. Here is how to do it!

In Dead Island 2, you will play a number of different side quests. One kind of these quests are Lost and Found quests where you have to find a missing person or object. The Dead Island 2 Missing: Pablo quest falls under this category of side quests.

For the Missing Pablo quest, you need to find a character named Pablo, who went out to find some Protein Powder along with Insulin Needles in the Venice Beach shopping area.  

You can start the Missing Pablo Lost and Found quest through the missing person’s board in Serling Hotel.

Where to find Pablo in Dead Island 2 

  1. Roses Tattoo Shop 
  1. Muscle Beach 
  1. Gang Green 

First, start by reaching Venice Beach using the Fast Travel poster inside the Serling Hotel. Your objective for this quest is pretty simple. You need to visit the shops where Pablo might have gone to pick up the required items. 

Start your search with the Roses Tattoo shop, also marked on the map. The shop is easy to access; you just have to press the yellow button on the side of the wall to unlock the shop. Make your way toward the corner of the shop where a microwave is present, and pick up the Need for Needles Journal. 

Now make your way toward Muscle Beach to see if Pablo visited the place for Protein Powder. Proceed toward Venice Autos, which is on the opposite side of Muscle Beach. Inside the auto shop, you will find the much-needed Circuit Breaker

Grab the circuit breaker and walk out toward the rear of the Muscle Beach shop. Here you have to throw the breaker toward the parking area. Throw the circuit, and on the left side of the White Truck, you will find some wooden blocks to climb over the fences. Once inside, pick the Circuit Breaker and place it inside the electrical panel.  

Now climb back up and unlock the blue garage doors to access the Muscle Beach shop. You will encounter several zombies inside so be prepared. After taking care of the zombies, make your way toward the counters that contain the packs of Protein Powder to find the second journal titled Protein Please

This journal will indicate that Pablo was here and went to the Gang Green shop in the north part of the beach, also marked on the map. Once there, you must dispose of Doc Marin to collect the Gang Green Gate key that unlocks the back door of the Gang Green shop. Before entering the shop, destroy the tripwire and move ahead toward the corner of the shop. 

There you will find Pablo murdered and sitting next to the counter. You will have to collect the High Stakes Journal to finish the Missing Pablo quest in Dead Island 2. You will receive 2,000 XP and a weapon in the game as a reward.

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